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How would I begin building a game on Unity from scratch? I'm a young college student with time on my hands. I also would like to know what other programs I would need to build models from scratch.
>From scratch

The only real reason anyone develops in Unity is because they can buy a bunch of shit from the asset store and slap together a game in a week.

If you're seriously interested in going "from scratch" but still want to use something like Unity or UE4 then that would depend on what you have experience in.
lynda and udemy have alot of "combo" of online dvd's on how to combine blender and unity to make your own games.

you can do that with books if you prefer. they are on amazon
>young college student with time on my hands
Get a job
Thank you for your feedback. Also, my is essentially being payed to stare at a screen so yeah. I have no experience with 3D
The kid who made Unturned had limited knowledge in Unity with limited knowledge in C# and just a background in Roblox modding. Now he's a millionaire who made an F2P game by first learning Youtube tutorials on the engine. If he can do it, certainly someone in college could.
He was the exception, not the rule.

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