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I've been trying to find some 3DCG / animation / etc podcasts to listen to while I go about my day.

The only one I have currently found that has to do with 3DCG is "The ZBrush Podcast", but it isn't really technical as much as it is flavorful interviews with content creators.

I'd love to have a technically-oriented podcast for things like modeling, sculpting, mocap, animation, rendering, and anything else in the realm of 3DCG.

Any recommendations?
I've listened to the Blender Guru podcast a few times. Got some good info from the earlier episodes. I haven't really gone looking for any others though.
I don't know if it would interest you, but there is the Blender Institute Podcast.
They talk more about the development of Blender and subjects related to the software. They also talk about other 3d related stuff, but it's not the focus.
I don't listen to them very often bc i found their accent to be very hard to understand (english is not my native language).

Another one you could check out is the Blender Guru Podcast, I didn't listen to a lot of it bc i found out about it recently.
I like this one a lot bc there is a lot of different topics, and i'm sure you're going to find something interesting.


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