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explain something to me, are cheap looking 3D, robotic limbs, shit cloth animations (not folding), proper squatch and strech, proper cartoonish (anime) renders, old school deformations, like something 3D animation isn't suitable for?

Is 3D animation better for realism than NPR animations?

Is 2D animation still supreme if your goal is to make a cartoon?

All toon 3D animated shit I see from pros look like crap, or too realistic (Pixar).

Is this an inherent problem with the medium (3D animation)?
3D can emulate 2D but not many get it right. 3D Pixar is fine and I'd say the majority prefer that over 2D now. It's your opinion that the Pixar style is worse and it doesn't line up with the entire demographic, because yours is the opposite of the majority. Both 2D and 3D have their uses, why can't you be happy with that? In 30-50 years you're probably going to be seeing 2D start to fade out, but obviously not completely.
>like something 3D animation isn't suitable for?
Overwatch has squash and stretch and looks great.

>All toon 3D animated shit I see from pros look like crap, or too realistic (Pixar).

Wakfu looks fucking great on a technical level (you may not like certain designs but that's strictly preference).

The new Guilty Gear game (Xrd?, I think) looks great too.

>Is this an inherent problem with the medium (3D animation)?

It's a lack of tools and techniques. When a studio comes out with a method that works, they rarely share it (understandably), so everyone else's baseline is to use shaders and techniques and such from 20 years ago.

And finally, pic unrelated or what? I don't really care for lolishit but I've seen those models on Sketchfab and they're well made and look great (again, from a technical perspective). I don't know if they animate well but they certainly could be redone to anime well.
my biggest concern is cloth simulation under NPR shit.

even pixar shirts don't fold like cartoon shirts (anime).
Cloth simulation could be hackneyed for film and video. What 2D can do, 3D can emulate almost-as good as well. But not many can emulate it exactly, which is why you get a lot of butthurt weebs shitposting about how 3D is terrible. Guilty Gear Xrd is a good example. There's an anime that emulates it perfectly but I can't remember the name. Super boring though, but the technical aspect is great.
Exactly duplicating 2D techniques in 3D is difficult. Probably not more difficult than realism inherently, but a lot more resources have been put towards achieving realism.

Over time, expect stylised 3D styles to get popular based around the things 3D is good at, just like you have 2D styles based around what is practical to draw and animate. The disney/pixar look is one, but there will probably be others which make things easier for animators growing in popularity soon.

File: 1478203175021.webm (2.81 MB, 704x380)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
>Wakfu looks fucking great on a technical level
This. Ankama are godly when it comes to 2D.
That is beautiful. Gonna save this and give it to every weeaboo that cries about 3D. It's not 3D, it's the execution.
File: 1478202623586.webm (2.82 MB, 556x300)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
It's French animation, too. Not Japanese.
>Ankama are godly when it comes to 2D.

hiring japanese mangaka was good decision for them.
I want to fug those lolies

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