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File: topology.png (208 KB, 1210x952)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Any tips for my topology? It's a game character, I want to try to keep the polycount near 1k.
Looks pretty okay but blocky hands probably won't ever look good
you need another joint for the hands to bend a bit more, also clean up the leg/ ankle angle. Looks like he fell off his skate bored. Lastly, head proportions off. It looks a little small. goodluck
Also is it rigged yet? because you might have weird deformations in the butt without another edge loop around the waist. just a thought
You can probably reduce the torso to even fewer polys without actually losing anything important.

Those triangles on the hands don't seem to add anything. You might be able to make the hands look better with a better thumb and the ability to bend along the finger joints even if the fingers are all a simple box. Having just the index finger separate is also an option.
File: NewTopology.png (343 KB, 964x646)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Thanks for all the feedback guys!
This is another iteration I did in the body. I've also decided to go for a more stylized/cartoony proportions, inspired by torchlight.

Am I going in the right direction?

You probably want to modify the feet so that the toe can bend up, otherwise you walk animations are going to look shit.

The armpits look difficult to animate too.
The wrists and armpits are probably going to deform like shit, unless you really fuck around with the weighting.

The proportions feel weird, but I get the stylized look you're going for, so I think it's okay.

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