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File: colourtest.jpg (173 KB, 1928x1035)
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Take this colour acuity test. Score anything higher than 0 and give up your CG career right now
Only works if you have a calibrated screen and doesn't matter unless you're a compositor, color grader or maybe texture artist.
regarding calibration, your screen would need an awful bad color cast for it to not be able to render the differences

you don't need a spyder to take the test
It's a test about subtle shifts in color and if you can't guarantee they're correctly displayed, why bother? Not that this has any relevance on /3/ anyways.
File: Untitled.jpg (118 KB, 2574x1008)
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Like this shit was hard or somethin
your argument only holds weight in a scenario in which you're matching between two monitors with different colors.

again, your screen would need to be truly awful to get in your way. slight tints won't make them show up as exactly the same.

but for whatever reason you seem to only want an excuse to not take the test? you could have just not taken it instead of trying to discredit it.

congrats on your zero calcification
Your score: 0
Gender: Male
Age range: 20-29

I have a nice screen but I've not touched any sort of settings since purchase
Is that sarcasm? If so check the calification parameters
File: ez pz.jpg (75 KB, 1290x652)
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check me out faggot
File: chicken dinner.png (86 KB, 902x356)
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File: ded.jpg (37 KB, 942x497)
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I is cute
where are all my yous for btfo this bitch test nowwheres my GD job
I've done it several times before as I've worked as a retoucher and did it every year. On calibrated Eizo screens. It still doesn't matter at all.
What a waste of time.

I also scored a 7, in the blues and greens :(

In a real world setting (where I wanted to perfectly match colors from one thing to another), I'd just use a color picker

>but what if you CAN'T!
well then I hope the SWAT team arrives before the gunman makes me arrange the blue/green ones

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