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what's the human limit of just one dude doing animations in terms of quality and lenght?
if no time limit then infinite
1 year.
Stupid question

shorter clip = higher quality
self made vs prebuilt assets
realistic vs stylized
The Lord Inquisitor is a fan-film which I believe has four artists working on it and apparently they managed about 30 minutes of animation in six years with some degree of delay due to the right-holder (Games Workshop) messing them about. The quality isn't fantastic by Hollywood standards, but would probably be acceptable for general release and shows skills which I think could have easily produced a hollywood-standard stylised cartoon in a similar time.

So, maybe a couple of minutes of really slick animation per year?

Although that implies a studio with less than 100 employees (say 60 artists and 40 support staff) could probably knock out a full-length film every couple of years, which seems optimistic.
I made a 2,5 minute long short, all 3D animated, in two years working evenings and weekends every now and then. Some weeks I didn't do any work at all and others I worked several nights. I did everything from modelling, texturing and animation to compositing. A friend did the audio.
There were no real characters, so no proper rigging was required. There were only some "static" objects that came to life that I had to animate.
The main problem was rendering it all on one machine, although I managed to steal my workplace's tiny render farm every now and then. I ended up rendering it all in 720p.
It was realistic rather than stylized.
Machina Mortem.
one dude, five months give or take.
how about the third the seventh? that was all one guy, he even composed the music for it iirc
>he even composed the music for it iirc
I think he just cut together already existing stuff but I may be wrong.
And yes, he did it by himself but he was also an extremely talented archviz pro. However in most shots, nothing was animated except for grass and the light pretty much. I think it also was a compilation of scenes he had worked on before, so animating your vraysun and camera and then hitting render isn't that much work compared to animating characters. Still, it was very very impressive.

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