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File: FB_IMG_1476786547582.jpg (18 KB, 1211x540)
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Hey /3/. rate my character mesh.
Looks pretty good, but imo the legs are too big / chunky
Is this an overgrowth skin?
Your sculpt is great so far. I'll be honest, it looks like you're still refining the legs right now, they don't look as polished as the torso, head, and arms.

As for the design, I'd go for something more creature-like for the arms. The human arms don't match the creature's legs. I'd sculpt some claws or spikes on them. Or even if you don't want to redo the sculpt, I'd recommend doing some texture work to make the arms look reptilian.
surprisingly good for this board / 10
clean, readable, no obvious shit topo, well proportioned, assuming the character jumps a loot or runs quickly.
Looks promising OP.
Your character is shit and you should feel bad
File: FB_IMG_1477511710856.jpg (121 KB, 1200x1600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
OP here.

So I've made progress, including various changes to his overall topology and am in the middle of texturing him. the legs still look a bit like wet dirty clay and I'm running into issues regarding coloration for the skin as a whole. I want the albedo to flow evenly with the normal map but I can't seem to figure out how.

anyway /3/ r8 my shit or give advice.
Nice chastity belt.
Topo looks good for 20k tris. Face, arms, and hands also good.
Neck looks too skinny/ non-existent delts. Those are woman hips and legs. Feet are just fucked. Look at references.
You ruined it. Looks like a starving African satyr. Everything about those legs is wrong. Looks like he's wearing incontinence pants. Dunno what kind of material that shirt is supped to be made from.
The bottom of the skull should be a cavity, not a form fitting helmet (you're gonna need to partially model his head.)
his skin makes him look like a black tribal man having a skull as a mask and outfit pants.

Also, reminder that skulls and bones are never white, more of a yellowish/brown. So try fixing the colour of his toeclaws/hooves.
weak almost no n existent anatomy of the legs
lack of volume in torso and back
thin neck
lack of blend from neck to skull
hoves lack any definition at all, impossible to tell where they start or end
clashing colors
lack of mid range detail
no reason to have the clothing and body be the same mesh
where are eyes?

Anyway, you sculpting a poly modeled mesh, or was this basic retopo?
Sun bleached bones certainly are white.
File: sun bleached skull.jpg (103 KB, 800x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
most bones and skulls you see today are bleached with hydrogen peroxide to give them that perfect white color. although the sun does bleach bones, more likely they will look like pic related
its not a matter of the correct color of real bones but rather how jarring the colors are
good balance of colors and one focus point, the head, rather than his diaper and the head is more important that the correct shading of the skull itself

but yeah, yellowish bones look better

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