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Is there a way to market your 3D skills (modeling, sculpting, scanning, designing) in a way where you can create your own personal business out of it?

For example, if I opened up my own 3D photo scanning studio for people to get 3D scanned and printed into physical models. That venture would be a lot of money to start up, but what are the possible ideas of creating your own businesses with the skills involved with 3D?
I think it would be hard to get people to pay enough for a scan and a print to justify your costs.

Don't work with private individuals as customers. Work with companies instead. Much easier to handle.

I'm running a small studio with two friends. I do 3D animation and stills. It's working out quite well and I charge about 1000usd per day for my services.
That's awesome and a really good set up too. What is the usual clientele you would get?

And yea working with companies is more stable but I wouldn't mind having my own thing on the side that makes me a portion of my income as well. then maybe the venture on the side will evolve to be my main source of income.

And the scanning and printing was just an example since he costs would be a little to high to start.

Any other good independent business ideas for the 3D field?
VR and 3D printing are the way to go

otherwise, commercials.

doing modeling/animation as a job for games/movies is nearly impossible to live off of. unless you have a few years under your belt already and can pitch in to do work for a big company
Mostly national or small campaigns international companies. Biggest client we've had yet is Mercedes-Benz. We do photograph, retouching and video too so it's not only 3D, although that's my main area.

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