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I'm having a hard time deciding what to dive into as a beginner. I know eventually I'm going to learn all of these but which one is more user friendly to get into? Has more tutorials to help a noob?

Blender is free, seems like I have to learn all the shortcuts before even getting anywhere but I can make money off of this shit without worrying about going to court or something from pirating

Maya seems to be the standard, seems like it would be higher poly count and it would get me a leg up but I can't make money from anything I do unless I drop a fuckton of money for actual license.

3DMax. I keep hearing it's nice for first timers? Easier to model on. Let me know on that.

ZBrush seems awesome as shit to add more poly's to model. but this doesn't look beginner friendly?

Cinema4DStudio. I keep hearing how this is more of what I want? That Beepy guy uses it. I have an AE/Premiere background. I am planning on doing more composites and vfx work.

Nuke. Like AE but better? Costs a fuckton.

I don't know guys. I'm ready to learn them all. I just want to know which one is beginner friendly.
What do you want to do?
For VFX - nuke / houdini
For Generalist 3ds max / maya. dont even think about blender or c4d if you are serious about this. dont wory about pirating also if you are not working for industrial light and magic. Dont even worry about it when you freelance. Just fucking pirate it you pussy
Also Zbrush>sculptris
First step is to not listen to anyone on this board. In fact, leave right now. Everyone on here is a rank amateur with very little knowledge about anything.
If that's true, why should we believe you?

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