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File: (sigh).jpg (65 KB, 580x386)
65 KB
>press F12
>blender crashes
>his blender crashes at render start
sounds like you have fucked drivers and or unhealthy overclocked your gpu.
Having to use several different sofware with different navigation shortcuts and hotkeys can be pretty annoying.
more likely out of memory
>his blender crashes at render start
sounds like you have installed blender successfully. time to delete it ;)
> press anything
> maya crashes
>installed blender
way to make make it even more obvious that you never used it before lol

Big deal. Blender auto-saves a recovery file before every render.

Of course you should be saving anytime you render anyway, but thankfully Blender does it for you.
>get Zbrush
>trial expires
>adjust window screen size on c4d
>it crashes without backup saving
It has never happened on my shitty 6 year old laptop.
>accidentally press the arrow for TurboSmooth too many times
>max just hangs and pc wont even respond to anything
File: 13219561552.png (661 KB, 1065x711)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
>Type 8 for subdivision amount
>Accidentally type 89
File: x0vjs.jpg (8 KB, 205x246)
8 KB
>use Maya 2016ᵀᴹ
>click on a vertex
>Fatal Error. Maya crashes.
>hear a strange knocking on my door
>it's Carl Bass - world famous entrepreneur CEO of Autodesk
>he kicks me in the nuts and beats me up (again)
>i wake up the next day and realize he deleted all of the 3DCG stuff on my computer
Anybody else have this issue? I tried installing more locks on the door, but he just crashes them.
get a big dog
> Delete subtool
> Zbrush crashes
>undo too quickly
>Maya crashes
File: 1468309820714.jpg (4 KB, 160x133)
4 KB
>Save file because I haven't saved in a while
>Program crashes no restore possible fuck you
File: 1430001564454.jpg (68 KB, 822x1000)
68 KB
>move cursor to change brush size in Zbrush
>accidently go back 5000 steps in history instead
>amazing full character with all deformers and systems, from hair physics solutions to moving boobs
>store in model library
>three versions later, absolutely incompatible with current version of max. You can´t even load the mesh without making a disaster.
File: 1476181956231.jpg (28 KB, 640x360)
28 KB
>extrude a bunch of shit for like 20 minutes
>forgot to turn on camera-based selection, gave model a polytumor
File: poorguy.png (140 KB, 337x506)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>sculpt all day
>that night, dream about sculpting
>can't save my progress
File: poorerguy.png (60 KB, 270x506)
60 KB
>don't want to stop for the day because I'm having so much fun
>next day I'm afraid of getting started
>start zbrush
>it's still zbrush
> start polypainting

> Zbrush project is instantly 3gb larger

> pull any slider
> accidentally go two pixels outside its border
> slider resets

well on max its more like
>move slider in the wrong direction
>max freezes and crashes
>export alembic from a Houdini
>Load into Maya and set everything up
>press render, Maya crashes
>set up everything again, Maya ceashes
>load file in max, everything is perfect
>load file in clarisse, everything is perfect

Fuck you Maya
File: 1476401680803.jpg (31 KB, 600x726)
31 KB
>Delete All > History
>rig and joints decide to unbind from the mesh I've spend 20 hours painting weights onto
File: poorestguy.png (34 KB, 216x506)
34 KB
>sculpt in Blender for an hour
>half the brushes are now missing
>the other brushes have 10 duplicates
File: 15654324.jpg (29 KB, 509x473)
29 KB
>Hit f12
>RAM spikes up to full capacity
>Computer freezes
>Forgot to save
This recently happened to me.
>Uv unwrap
>Packed in my uv
>Textured them
>Check to see how it looked in render view.
>Need to re-UvUnwrap, reorganize the uv's and scrap my current textures
Try sleeping with your hands on your m+kb if you can
File: debtcrushedguy.jpg (117 KB, 100x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>texturing assets without bitmap or baked maps
>in subtsance designer
File: 1478046431507.jpg (131 KB, 757x767)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>in blender
>goto texture view
>texture not showing
>goto material mode
>texture not showing
>goto solid view
>texture is showing

i figured the problem, but texture view is literally unnecessary, why do we even have it
>made 2 UV maps for some reason
>accidentally switched between them while unwrapping body parts
>blender can't combine UV maps
File: 1477882176448.png (104 KB, 276x230)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
underrated post/10
its the best they can do and its still crap.. get your shit together Pixillogic!!
File: 1477943782221.jpg (11 KB, 268x291)
11 KB
>Do anything
>ZBrush crashes
[spoiler]Separate mesh. Rename UVs to a matching name. Join objects and remove doubles.[/spoiler]
>Having to use several different sofware with different navigation shortcuts and hotkeys can be pretty annoying.
I think this why I will kill myself

>Look directly at monitor.
>Hexagon crashes.
File: WAAKEMEUP.gif (408 KB, 385x500)
408 KB
408 KB GIF
>Bake textures
>PC crashes
File: jorge.jpg (134 KB, 500x500)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>download Zbrush
>Pixologic burns down

I don't know about autodesk shit, but in Blender you can actually hit ctrl z and wait 30 seconds
File: DUKB.jpg (173 KB, 1000x1000)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>try to model something beautiful
>everything goes fine and blender doesn't crash
>still end up with an ugly duk
jus git gud m8
Just put subdivision modifier. You will get less geometry to adjust and smooth edges.
>download an asset from orbolt
>no instructions on how to use it
>stare at blank houdini and cry

Also, mantra is the worst most complicated thing I've ever used. Seriously retarded.
>Also, mantra is the worst most complicated thing I've ever used. Seriously retarded.

What are you having issues with homie? Also what asset?
this duck is beautiful and you are beutefayl
File: 1476744261978.jpg (37 KB, 486x449)
37 KB
>put 1 more interaction
>MAX crashes
>click on a solidworks model to rotate it

File: 1425017046545s.jpg (5 KB, 250x248)
5 KB
>start maya 2017
>modelling toolkit crashes, have to go through menu to show it
>arnold doesn't load at all, go to plugin menu
>render settings doesn't load any settings just a blank window, have to restart maya
>do anything with dynamics and crash
>do anything and crash
>do nothing and still manage to crash
File: 1321565845.jpg (82 KB, 738x640)
82 KB
>Open Maya
>Maya crashes
File: 1435073830808.png (139 KB, 439x249)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>work on Maya
>hands and brain belives that Im actually working on Max
>work on Max
>hands and brain belives that Im actually working on Maya
>decided to make armature
>everything is fucked up
I'm pretty sure I love you.
>using solid edge
can't go to a concert bcuz its for 16 years old and you have 15
File: bale O.jpg (2 KB, 99x125)
2 KB
File: 14448551385260.png (19 KB, 390x470)
19 KB
>graft an output in grasshopper to try and match a data tree
>rhino crashes
>Maya exists
>Maya Crashes
>in cycles
>pick glossy material
>0.0 is mirror
>0.1 looks like plastic
File: 1321621652.jpg (67 KB, 630x399)
67 KB
>Getting a clean render in Luxrender
the problem goes deeper than that.

you have plenty of metallic things that aren't directly affected by light or nearby color.
for example a nickle plated finish is very shiny but it doesn't pickup sunlight like cycles does. if cycles for example have a yellow-tone light source (that comes from afar, like sun) it completely changes the nickle finish to yellow which is not how things work in real life.
if the tool sucks, change the tool
you're not bound to it anon, find the workflow that suits your needs
yeah but all the dick riding on cycles.
everytime i tell some guy about this problem he offers me some exclusive pbr shader that someone else built.
and then you have to hunt down good pbr shaders and people even pay good money for them.
why can't they just admit that their lightning,material system needs major rework and stop denying the problem
Just do what I do. Tell them to use Luxrender and start explaining to them about how Luxrender is vastly superior. Or alternatively Renderman.
if cycles didn't have that fundamental problem i would stick to it. but since im starting to do more and more rendering this is starting to get on my nerves bigtime
i really tried to give it a chance
Just use renderman then. The main problem aside from the nearly abysmal shaders is the large amount of node setup you have to do for a lot of things. Even simple things.
lmao houdini is a mind fuck a powerful and mighty mind fuck
I love cycles and I agree 100% with you, it needs basic shaders, it needs a material library, everything except the node editor and rendering view is wrong with it.
Most people don't even know it has drag and drop material usage, but it's so stupidly made to use it's retarded to even use it.

Nodes are awesome if there was a proper material library. You can make super complex materials and node setups that create different materials with some tweakage, but you can't, due to how retarded it is to import materials. I fucking hate this shit, you import a material and it imports a thousand shits with it and groups and everything becomes one big mess.

I've thought of coding a mat library, but then I ran into the problem that I need to release it as a custom build, which is stupid, then I'll need to remake it everytime a new version comes and not many people will be able to take advantage of it.
If you want a material library you have to do it like Luxrender does with their materials database. It think it is the best way to do it so far.

>be in cad class
>have a kid that thinks he is cool, funny, and random
>he keeps unplugging your mouse
>he does it every day at the start of class and whenever he walk in front of your desk
>you get pissed and slam him to the ground
You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
File: image.jpg (86 KB, 455x675)
86 KB
working in photoshop with imported 3d render.

>save project ctrl s
>hits ctrl w
>aaaand it's gone
blender is pre good.
>using for 3d
File: untitled.png (447 KB, 800x809)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
it was just for some dew dads and little touches here and there.
File: 1472182002697.jpg (100 KB, 554x587)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
don't worry bro, using PS or AE to do compositing and touch ups it totally fine

>>544636 was just trying to be a bitch

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