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Guys need help here! I want to texture the floor of my scene, and i want to have a good floor resolution. The thing is, i only get a good resolution if i scale my UV Shell up. When i grow my UV Shell, big as the pic related, i can get nice resolution. But how do i UV Snapshot that? I'm trying but nothing is getting good....

If you uniformly scaled it it wont matter. The square represents infinite space, it's the texture resolution or detail that represents the size of those letters. If you want that level of detail you need a bigger texture.

so theres no way i can make the uv shell bigger than that uv square? the only way out is to have a better texture resolution?
Yeah it has to be the size of the top left quadrant. Anything after that is just a tiled/repeated version of what's in that quadrant, absolutely no way around it. Not sure why, I don't know enough about texturing.

It looks as though you've got the entire floor of several corridors as one mesh? Generally that wouldn't be done, in fact I'd have that cut up into at least 3 seperate floor meshes, thus enabling more UV space per object.

Yes, its the entire floor. I actually though about what you said, and i did it. I got a nice result, but i need to hide the cuts i did. You can see a line where i did the cut, and its kinda ugly. Maybe in photoshop i can do something to make this line disappear?

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