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tldr; Advise me on how I can improve my body model.

I've been dabbling with 3D models for a little while, I started with AutoCAD. So naturally, I've mostly been messing with mechanical stuff.
I now however would like to make myself an avatar for SL, but I've found that my box modelling isn't quite cutting it anymore.
The shape is getting there, but I mainly need assistance with the topology as it needs to be rigged.
Any advice, would be greatly appreciated.
I've been told the shoulders just won't work as they are, but I'm not sure how to correct them.
Pic related.

Sculpt the whole body first then worry about topology.
Download a few rips from games or take a look at topology from pros on several 3d communities/forums/websites.
hey man just wanted to say I clicked this thread because of titties

Tits should run more smoothly where they touch the torso, they look like weird silicone tits or those tits you can buy at a costume shop.

I think the arms are going to be to big and the shoulders/back to big/broad IN RELATION TO THE BUTT.
Just watch a few tutorials. Topology is a wheel you dont have to reinvent, its out there, just learn it. They have some good topology tuts in CGpeers
>comes to /3/ to ask stupid questions before checking youtube for the probably hundreds of tutorials about this.
It seems like 3/4 of the threads here are just trolls shitposting or people are honest to fuck retarded. I cant even tell which tho.
Is this bait?
The tits look nice. At least the most important part is in order, topology is something you can learn. Doing nice looking forms is a lot harder.

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