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How do you make a good face rig? Something like this:


What kind of tricks do professionals use? Is it all blend shapes/shape keys, or do you use weighted bones or both or what?

I'm using Blender and the only tutorials and stuff I can find are extremely basic. Anyone know of any good resources?
"The Art of Moving Points" by Brian Tindall

Im in the same place as you and have been looking around for good facial rig and how to put them into a character.

This model has a great facial rig. I suggest you to turn on the hidden skeleton layers and study it. See what you can learn, it's a mix between blendshapes and face bones.

This one is insane. Pure bone based. Again, open it up and study.


This video looks indepth facial bones for maya, which Im quite sure it can be translated in python. I haven't seen it all, but it looks useful. 2+ hours long.


Eyelid rigging, again with maya and its scripting language. You won't get away from coding in rigging. 1+ hour long.

There are more rigs with facial controls on blendswap. Browse and see how the different riggers worked on the problem. Some faces don't need a lot of controls to get the job done. Learn from example and experiment yourself.
I've made a facial rig and animation based on a WoW character.
Used a combination of joints and blendshapes.

The joints are mainly for stuff like eyes, jaw and mouth that have a very wide range of motions.

The blendshapes are very useful for linear detail stuff like skin folds. Stuff that only goes one way really.

I have to say the rig in your example is probably one of the best I've ever seen but I'm not a fan of scaling eyes because they stretch and look weird.

You can download my rig for free on my website
It's maya 2016 but you can use student maya for free.
Thats a really neat work anon

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