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Don't forget the banner contest

File: IMG_2287.gif (516 KB, 320x240)
516 KB
516 KB GIF
Guys I came from /mlp to learn produce (in blender) high quality 3D horse pussy for one of mine sfm model, please teach me how to.
I have seen some real good autist stuff. Is it that most artists are bronies/furries or did they learn and git gud at making this stuff because they couldnt find something that would cater their needs?

Most of the time when I think about getting into 3d modelling it is because I cant find what I am looking for. Also making realistic men is difficult and I leave after making some cubes and spheres.
Teach how to horse pussy in blender, I bet some of you anons draw 3D loli bullshit here
I never got into genitalia because i cant into deformation
File: IMG_2227.gif (30 KB, 500x281)
30 KB
I don't belive you
I can fap just looking at a hot face. Plus I keep my characters pure.
File: IMG_2273.png (193 KB, 894x894)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Can u fap to this?
God no.
File: IMG_0405.jpg (55 KB, 552x639)
55 KB
Whata u gay?
Actually yes. I fap to stuff like this
File: IMG_2250.png (349 KB, 512x512)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Jezus haw horifying
To each his own i guess
Not interested in helping you, just came to laugh at your degeneracy.

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