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Are there any people not going to school for 3D? How are you doing by yourself? Do you think you would achieve more potential in school?

I'm in a unique position that I want to take advantage of, leaving me with a lot of time to learn all of this on my own. I don't have any money for a degree but I can still buy classes or tuts online, I can pirate ones I can't find, I have more than enough resources...

Has anyone been doing this path? Anything I should know beforehand?
I have thought about doing this a lot of times. But being a lazy fucker I follow tutorials and make stuff but dont practice on my own.

I think if I had assigntments to do I'd learn better. But thats just me.

Now I plan to start making my room starting modelling from really easy stuff till I make a full furnished 3d room.

Isn't this what everyone is doing. Dont do degrees, sorry I did. You spend all ur time on crappy assignments that you learn nothing from then writing reports on how you did it.
If you have the drive and determination to get shit done yourself, and teach yourself too become better, there is no need to go to school except to network. If you feel paying thousands for networking, information you could learn by yourself, and actual deadlines to force you too push on is a fair price, then go for it. Otherwise, you can learn a ton on your own. If you get to the levels of good/expert, I would recommend paying for workshops to participate in (such as animating field) because you can have pros analyze your work and critique you and teach you in courses and seminars. But there are many who just learn everything themselves with no tutoring, and that's perfectly acceptable.

tldr, if you have no drive and shit networking skills, go to school.
Been learning Maya since October 2015, moved back in with parents and been virtually jobless (with intentions of starting a 3d career), dedicated well over 1000 hours this past year, sometimes reaching 17hr in one day. Can pretty much guarantee I'm more knowledgeable than the majority of people who've done a 2/3 year college course. Not being egotistical or anything, but my work looks miles better than the vast majority of people's post-college portfolios I've seen, and I bet they don't know half the shit I do about Unreal/Topogun/Mudbox/UV mapping.

If you have as much free time as me you can expect to reach and surpass what you're aiming for. I even fucked off my Pluralsight tutorial subscription because Youtube ones are better. You'd be very silly to go to school for this, unless you need an excuse to not work full time, because you do need a load of spare time.

ps thanks parents
>I think if I had assigntments to do I'd learn better

There's probably sites out there that give lists of "assignments" you could follow. Never really looked, but people like making shit like that for programming and art.
Bump for interest

I'm in your situation now, tried re-entering college but the price is way too high for me at the moment so I'm thinking of trying to learn shit myself.

My biggest problem is kicking myself to actually work, I have plenty of ideas but I barely do anything, because I have no "deadlines" or "competition".
Artistic/Musical etc degrees mainly exist to form connections and easier get access to companies. As long as you are doing a good job it doesn't matter where you learned it, it's skill that counts in the end. I think you can even learn faster alone, because often schools, especially artsy schools, go with a speed that most idiots can follow easily. Assignments can be created by yourself, through tutorials, through 3d forums, through books, etc.. communcation with other artists can be done through 3d forums, and many questions are often already answered there too.

There is a way if you are willing to go on it.

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