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This is probably going to be like asking /v/ about gaming laptops but what advice could you give about tablet computers for 3D?

I'm tired of being stuck at a desk to work and laptops require a table and setup. My only real concern is how well a pen will work for regular 3D programs.

I'm stuck between the Windows Surface Pro and Wacom Companion but open to other ideas.
The Companion looks fucking awesome!
It does sound like it has the best pen with all the intuos features like tilt and a matt screen but a review said they had worse weight and battery life.

I had one couldn't see shit with it. Very dark dingy screen. The new mobile studio pro looks good though, I guess thats the price for early adoption.
>laptops require a table and setup

They really don't. I'm using one right now just resting on my chest while I lie down. They don't really need any more support than a tablet.
Still pouring through comparison reviews and the general consensus is that Windows Surface is the better tablet but Wacom has the better pen and intuos features. I'm just not sure if I really need the latter.

Yeah that's a problem with screens in general. Sun light is hard to beat. Not planning on using it outside on a sunny day for obvious overheating problems.

I can use mine on my lap too but stuff like a mouse and graphics tablet need places to sit.
if you ever find out update thread please. id be nice to come to /3/ fpr actual information for once instead of just trolling
I'm getting the Surface tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.
>>538533 again.
Kinda mixed at the moment. The screen is great and it seems to run programs okay but I have some worries about the pen's minimum pressure sensitivity.

It seems you have to press down firmly for a stroke to even register, which might be a problem for some artists. It also lacks a texture feel but I'm looking for a screen protector that could provide that, same way the wacom screens do.
get the fucking protection film and then readjust the pressure. also wasting money on Surface was big mistake. you should keep to wacom. as much i dont like this japanse cocksucker hardware they still get better pen you can work with.
>readjust the pressure.

It's a hardware limit. The actual pen itself won't detect the stroke unless you press hard enough.

And yeah, I'm pondering if I should return the thing now and just get a cintiq for my pc.
>also wasting money on Surface was big mistake. you should keep to wacom. as much i dont like this japanse cocksucker hardware they still get better pen you can work with.

That's great to know 4 days after the thread was created and the purchase was already made.
if you bought it at best buy the return policy is two weeks with the receipt, regardless if it's been opened or not
No such luck with the place I bought it. Would lose half the money selling it too.

I'm finding guides on how to improve it. Mostly with an app called ArtDock that gives you hotkeys on the screen.

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