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Hey /3/
So I've recently fallen in love with this game, and its protagonist. I know there is a community model of Haydee already up over at SFMLab, but here's my question: has anyone ported a copy of an unmodified source model of Haydee into SFM? I'd love to see a stock Haydee, maybe one with higher resolution textures, rigged for SFM with boob physics (for obvious reasons). I like the models that have been made already, but I'm more into the vanilla build of this game, or at least basic stuff, like the black leggings, or the Emissions version. Stuff that I could see fitting in the game, instead of the over the top TnA that's over here. That stuff isn't bad by and means, just not my jam for this game.

edit: Alternatively, if someone can give me a basic step by step list on how to go about doing this myself, I'd love to create it and put it out there on SFMLab or loverslab or some other shit.

Aiming for this:
-Vanilla source Haydee model
-Higher resolution textures ( I might just use black/grey leggings with a sheen similar to the chest piece. I'll make both, fuckit.)
-Rigging the model for SFM ( Literally no idea how to go about this. Pointers for a first direction? I can prolly figure out the rest.)
-SFM boob physics, seen it done before, dunno how to go about it.
-If I could get the chest armor along with it? I guess it might be easier to make two Haydee models, armor and sans armor. Hopefully with the same boob physics for both.

have you considered killing yourself
File: 1352666000167.jpg (236 KB, 400x600)
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ask the sfm thread dont make your own spoonfeed me thread
>using sfm
>doesnt know how to make his own models
>he cant use google
Ah, did not see that. Thanks. Looks like there is already a discussion on Haydee anyway.
Get 3ds max, the devs supplied the original model for modding with the game in a .max file.

Rename the bones the model uses to match the hierarchy expected by SFM, then port it using wallworm tools and crowbar.
>did not see that
One can't see what he didn't look for in the first place you fucking faggot

Christ, overreact much?
Thanks! I got the tool set, not totally sure how to set up WWMT, but I'll find documentation. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to apply the existing material textures to the model so once I do rename the bones for SFM, I can export it without having to go back because I missed a step.

Also, while it looks like I can rename the hierarchy using just the valve biped rig names, she has a few extra bones, set in the chest and the butt. Looking at bone rigs in SFM on other characters, anything outside of the biped structure seems to go into a misc category at the bottom of the hierarchy tree. Is that correct?
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>I am totally not trying to promote my game through 4chan and SFM porn or anything.
File: 1474488267889.gif (891 KB, 325x252)
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>hey guys, i made a game but can someone tell me how to use 3ds max and SFM, I have no idea

think next time, maybe?
why would anyone promote their game on a board with 4 people
>thinking anybody will play the game once haydee sfm porn exists
Already does, seems like they still do. They have a shitload of basic model swap and texture mods for the game so far, mostly only for the main character, but I still don't see why anyone would play the game if they're going to just mod the character from what is given to a full blown naked woman running all over the place. I mean hey, why not just go watch porn instead?

Dont get me wrong, every time I remember I've got an ass in the camera, I take the couple seconds to appreciate the character, but then I realize I'm out of saves and my last was an hour ago. I just want to pull the main character out and dick around on SFM.
>No one would ever lie on the internet or pretend to be someone else for their own gain. Everything OP says must be true.
You cannot be this naive.

>4 People
A bit more, but even if it's just 4 people, if you would incite them to support and create OPs game SFM, it would be enough to create a decent amount of 3D porn.

You are seriously underestimating the power of advertising and porn. Never heard of "Sex sells"? Why do you think every youtube video has tits in every thumbnail, do you even know how much shit like MLP grew just because of Furryfags? Autsits also pay patreon fags huge amounts of money. Just because you wouldn't buy it doesn't mean everyone thinks the same. If OPs game SFM porn is plastered all over 4chan +18 boards, reddit and all kinds of places where a huge amount of degenerate faggots would see it, the game would be known fairly fast, and once the interest in the game is there, there will also be people who will buy it. This would be a big and free amount of advertisement, and OP clearly knows this. I mean using ero/porn to sell is one of the main advertisement strategies of the japs.

I don't care that OP is trying advertise his game, what i care about is that he does it here, also trying to make people here do his work for him, and in such an obvious way.
File: EHOSgmj.jpg (56 KB, 435x427)
56 KB
Okay, so you're clearly retarded. That much is obvious. If I can model, skin, and rig a character, nevermind build an entire game, WHY in the hell would I come to fucking 4chan to ask stupid questions I already know the answers to? I mean I get it- you're a shitty troll, and right now you're thinking, 'heh, got im', congrats, ya did. I'm the dev. Now let me ask you more stupid fucking questions so I can promote my game, which definitely does not have higher resolution and objectively 'better' models on SFMLab, nor does the game come prepackaged with a .MAX copy of the main character, already rigged and textured so someone else can do this already.

Jesus Christ, tell your grandpa that his son and daughter shouldn't let their kid have access to a computer.
>Being this mad to be called out
Calm your tits. Your anger only further proves that i hit a sweet spot. If not, you wouldn't have dedicated half of your OP post on how much you love the game. You could have easily asked all these questions without even mentioning the game, even if you are not the actual developer, this shit simply looks stealth advertisement like as fuck. Also you were told to go to the SFM thread, so why does this thread even still exist?

If stealth advertisement is not called out, then this board will be filled with it more and more. We already have a bunch of 3D companies stealth advertising or posing as fanboys or similar shit all the time, so this board doesn't need more. Understand this before you have another seizure.
And though you seem to be aware I'm not the dev, you continued the thread by letting it throwing your retard opinion into the ring after my last post here >>538184 with where I'd have been happy to see the thread die - though, I'll usually monitor the thread regardless just to see if anything useful crops up. However, I stupidly responded to the stupid post, so I guess it's all my fault. Fuck me, right?

And you could call out literally everyone on this board for being a dev by them simply mentioning a game, cause you know that - welcome to 4chan, no one lies here! - so what is the point of being a self-affirmed prick and not contributing to the conversation? Oh yeah, cause I could just go to the SFM thread instead.

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