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Hello, With the site troubles we have had I want to make sure that my fellow anons are doing ok. Post your daz3d name and something you have done with/in Daz and I will look through your wishlist and give you something.
I could gift a random item if you would like
Just tell me how to get into daz
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If you're the same dazbro from the previous thread >>530724
You've already given me a great boost.
Also I've just started a new thread to try and help other new users >>538145
Previous thread is auto-saging

Still learning the HDRI options.
heres my wishlist m8
1. kill all daz users

if you could help me out man thatd be great
we need a daz general to contain this rubbish. Literally never seen a single good image made with daz. No human to come out of daz has ever looked natural or realistic. Just fucking weeb aliens / uncanny valley shit. You cunts make a new thread every fucking week; it needs to stop.
I have never seen any realistic human come out of a 3d software. We should purge this board.

There are plenty of arguably realistic 3D production studios that pull off humans well, and daz doesn't come remotely close to their standard.

That aside, most 3d production doesn't attempt to create realism, but rather a stylised version of reality. daz explicitly aims for realism and fails miserably.
Post an example if you can please. The only realistic looking renders I have seen are models based on real people, using their photos as textures etc. Never came across a real looking model made from scratch.

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