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File: 20091011033847!Rpg-7-1-.jpg (42 KB, 1644x372)
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so people here wanted me to ramp up the difficulty up a bit.
this is quite a common thing for hard surface modelers.
it has alot of detail but the shape is rather easy

so here is the deal.

>bonus points for clean geo and UV
>bonus points for texture
>bonus points for good render

google rpg 7 to get reference. youtube have alot of closeup videos too
you have until Saturday, best of luck
File: russian trumpet.png (152 KB, 960x540)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Guess I'll get the ball rolling. It's not finished but I got bored.
File: rpg7 2.png (879 KB, 1920x1080)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
Cleaned it up a little since it was groce.
How is this difficult in any way?
Relax. It's just something fun for people to do. It's a pretty cool idea imo.

Rather, it would be if anyone at all gave a damn.
I agree it's a cool idea as it's very similar to the polycount monthly challenges. I'm just saying it's something you would do for a tutorial on how to model, but to each their own.
Oh god. Don't be "that" guy.
Yeah nah. Not being that guy. Don't be salty when you don't provide much of an interesting subject to model. You're turning this into a huge deal when it's really not. I just don't feel like spending the time to make this, and made a comment portraying my thoughts.

Stop being retarded please.
I'm not the OP. I'm also not going to argue with you. You are being that guy though. No one likes that guy.
It's not a big deal to think that the subject is not worthwhile. You're turning this into a huge drama issue and it's not. I'ma peace out before you keep going autistic mate. Guns aren't very impressive, and I have to create hero props all the time for my job.

You made this into autism mate, you're flipping out because of words. Peace out.
OP here.

this is the third challenge in the entire 'we do challenges thing'. people here begged for something more difficult and they got it.

now mind you people here got the thing almost right only that they kinda flopped on small details. can you be the hero that does it with accurate details? i mean ur a company worker i bet you can motorboat us all
Don't underestimate /3/s skills. There are some good artists here, so thinking I would shit on them all is silly. I'm just saying the thing is 80% cylinder. It's good you're making these threads and I'm not shitting on that. I'm just saying that it's not something that peaks my interest and then someone goes full blown autist and acts foolish. Keep doing these threads as I think things like the duk thread and stuff like this is nice too see, but something complex would probably perk people up more.
well if people didn't get the missile 100% why would i follow up harder challenges for a niche crowd.

go to the previous thread, people begged me for a harder challenge. i can give you wristwatches and cameras but that would me an asshole isn't? and when i ask people to model something i also mean don't just block it out. this is not a shape test because the hardest things in making something complex is not the shape, its always the detail.
at least in my opinion.

anyway the winner is >>538253
This. I would participate if i thought i would actually learn some modelling techniques or have to tackle something complex. This would just be a waste of time.
So rather than making anything at all to stimulate these threads into taking off, you'd rather barge in beating your chest about your incredible level skill and years of experience going "Look at these fools making things I made years ago! I have a problem with this! Everyone should be doing what I can do! Only an Autistâ„¢ would think me an ass for this!". I mean, the notion of maybe the thread not being for the self proclaimed GL Bernini of 3D modeling just never once entered your consciousness I suppose. That's fine, maestro. "Peace out", homey.
>one entry
>he is the winner
Someone is butthurt. That is not my argument at all and good job strawmanning it too hell and back. You're obviously butthurt that I don't want to make a bunch of cylinders. This isn't me exclaiming I'm better than anyone, it's just pointing out that it's not an interesting topic to participate in. If he made a challenge that interested me, I'd partake in it. But I would rather spend my time doing other things, like participating in the duck thread (which I did).

Sorry about your butthurt bro.

You really do have autism.

OP got one entry to the entire thread and it's been up for days. You're turning this into a huge deal and creating drama over nothing. It's cylinders, no one cares. If anyone in here is autistic, it's probably you.
File: 1324049695725.png (28 KB, 250x250)
28 KB
Yeah, guess we know you really are autistic, fits the 4chan stereotype perfectly. Peace :^)
I don't check this board too often but I would have participated.

Will there be a challenge next week?

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