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red pill me on crazytalk

i want to create 3d people but cant make a cube in blender. crazytalk and other softwares from reallusion seem easy to use. want to hear what you guys say about them
Apparently they have a few base models for every race etc (high anteroposterior diameter of head and thick lips for niggers) and you can only alter them a little using your reference image. After applying the changes the model will only look like the reference when its textured. It will still look like a generic head model when you remove the texture.

Can anyone post a noob friendly turorial for making a 3d head from front and side photo?
makehuman a best.
Make human a shit
>can't make the default scene
>can't install software
>can't use a computer

Maybe clay is more your game, OP
Isn't it simply a program that relies mostly on DAZ3d products to work?

So basically you want a product that requires you to buy other products from another company?
There is no red pill in the manner in which you refer. Using this product (pirated or not) is blue pill bullshit.
>hurr durr this program is shit
>not recommending a better program
>hurr durr in 2016 since 2011
>wants a recommendation over an already known shitty program

Your company sucks. Stop spamming, and pretending to be of 4chan. You suck at both.
Hahaha oh wow
>Confirmed company employee.
>welcome to viral marketing on 4chan
make 2D pictures of people appear to be talking...
foh with your watermarked trash plug
Blunder user detected

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