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>I've wanted to get into 3D modeling for a long time
>Have made numerous attempts to learn, utilizing books, videos, and online tutorials
>Even if I foolow the instructions exactly, something inevitably goes wrong that I can't figure out
>I obviously cannot ask a book or a video file for help
>"Maybe I'll see if there are any places that teach 3D modeling in-person around here."
>Can't find anything advertised online except one website offering a $1000 one-day course in my city
I don't know what to do. I still have 3DS Max and Maya installed and I want to try again, but I'm afraid I'm just going to have the same issues. I wish I could find somewhere to get in-person training.
Yep. 3D sucks, too many problems that come with it. It's a big complicated puzzle.

Maybe you're fucked if you can't find someone with more experience. It saves a lot of time.
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Is there any decent way to find people to train under? I've even gone and looked through all the universities around here and most don't offer 3D modeling courses, and the few that do don't have continued education programs. I feel like I'm stuck.
I've just been lucky and found people by working on gaming projects.

Oh, I realise, join the /3/ discord. There's lots of people there to help.

Mike Hermes on youtube.
He makes mostly modeling tutorials and narrates every single step, they are idiot-proof.
I'll help you out for free. Add me.

i second Mike Hermes, ive learned most of what i know from him. ^-^

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