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File: 3dish_Pilgrim_fag.jpg (91 KB, 852x1300)
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what's up /3/?
Thanks for your time and forgive my off-topicness. This is my own little stunt I saw an anon pull off some time ago. I'm making a pilgrimage across the boards of 4chan and exposing myself the this site beyond my little /tg/ bubble.

If you guys would be so kind, I'd love to learn about the culture and topic-matter here at /3/. This is a board I know literally nothing about. Are you guys all just students and hobbyists? Or are you guys the ones making those terrifying Overwatch SFM pornos? I've seen the occasional /3/fag mentioned in Warhammer miniature threads when 3d printing is brought up but aside from that you guys seem to keep to yourself.

Sorry my pitch is nowhere near refined. Hopefully it'll be polished up after a few boards on my journey. If you guys would rather not bother with me, let me 404 and I'll be on my way.
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Welcome to the limbo
Yeah I should've figured there's not a lot of traffic here. I didn't want to skip this place completely though. Thanks anyways <3
fuck you
File: 1360636924523.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.13 MB JPG
A few professionals lurk just to laugh at us.
But thanks for shitting up our board.
We have threads older than time itself.
>Blenderfags and autodeskfags always fight
>Luxrender vs cycles debates
>Muh Zbrush
>Shit renders
>More anatomy
>Duk thread

That's it. Also your portfolio is always and forever, shit.
We're just like /gd/ but on a higher dimension
>let me 404
ok, we'll get back to you in 8 months on that one.
Let out a chuckle on that one. He's gonna be here for a while.
Is /3/ really the slowest board in this site? I would have thought a board like /po/ would be slower.
Judging from the amount of unique posters in the WIP, Q&A, and Duk thread, we have between 60-150 active posters.

It's a very small amount of people, which isn't necessarily bad by any means. It's just slower.
Holy shit I didn't realize what I'm getting myself into. I'll delete this soon
Alright at least I'm not leaving with empty pockets, thanks guys

I'll be fagging up /a/ next. Thanks for the tolerance and the (You)s guys.
File: d0c.jpg (382 KB, 1492x1080)
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>I'll delete this soon
no need it'll die on its own

also have a meme for your time scum

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