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I don't get it.
There's an almost fully featured 3DS Max 2004 floating about on the internet as abandonware, yet nobody ever bothered to hack it and patch file export into it?
Gmax thread
why would anyone do that when you can pirate the latest max ?
But that's unethical.
Was it officially abandoned and allowed to be modified? If not, that's unethical as well, right? Go download Blender if you want to use horse shit.
It's not horse shit, it's fully featured 3DS Max, you can use it for 90% of the things you'd use modern 3DS max for if you were doing gamedev modeling.
The question was, is it officially abandoned and released to the public for tampering and community release. Second, when you don't have recent file export and imports it's a bitch too work with. That's not to say that it doesn't function, because I'm sure it does. I just don't care for anything you're arguing about, all I care is whether or not the public was officially given the blessing to use it however they see fit. Otherwise you might as well download fucking Blender because "it's ethical".
Go be ethical by paying U$1000,00 for an yearly subscription.
If you make MORE than U$1000,00 in 12 months by using max, then you had to pay for it. Otherwise, is unethical.
No, they didn't give any "blessing" to just let anyone do what they want with it. You're still free to still use gmax for any non-commercial use like you always have. Many approved third party game packs were released to allow exporting to other 3D formats for other game engines. Nothing is stopping you from then just importing then into other applications.
Try exporting something - that's where they get'cha. The whole idea behind gMax was that although it's a fully usable copy of 3dsmax, you had very limited export options and had to pay extra for new types. The only way around it was to use bodged MAXscripts that dump the model as text in the debug output and you copy/paste from there.

Also why would you even consider gMax when Blender beats it in every aspect and it's free.
Gmax I have used since 2004 as it was bundled with FS 2004. My first job was working with alphsim which was 3d aircraft. It is not bad software to have or learn, but in modern applications, it is best to get 3ds max which has much newer tools and exports. Graphite Modeling Tools makes a huge difference.

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