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/3/, what do you find yourself making when you just want to blow people's minds with how "skilled" you are? I have an assignment to simply make a high-poly model of something, and I'm just wondering what's something I could do that would basically scream "wow look at me, I made this hard to make thing and I'm amazing because of it" without it actually being that difficult to do.

Right now I'm thinking maybe a realistic bust of an old man head or something, but that's so boring. I'm still thinking.
A bust isn't impressive. make a full character sculpt. quality/balanced design is far more impressive than just sculpting. demonstrate your understanding of 3d forms. Sculpting fine detail on a bust doesn't do this.
Flowers are fairly easy but can look really classy and aren't done so often that everyone is familiar with how hard they are.

Insects and similar can work as well. A millipede is basically just one segment copy-and-pasted many times plus a head and arse. Plus most people don't really know exactly what they look like up close so you can get stuff a bit wrong.

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