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Are there any architects / architecture students here? What would you recommend me for making renderings of interior and exterior images? I need to make my project better.

I heard Cinema4D is powerful but I know people here use Maya more but usually for other stuff.
I'm honestly making weird amounts of profit from using UE4 and creating interacting environments for clients. It's bizarre but it interests them so whatever.
How did you get started with that? How do you approach the clients / advertise?
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The answer you're looking for 3dsmax + Vray, which would be the best workflow for a beginner while still allowing for amazing results.
The most renowned architectural 3D artists (Peter Guthrie, Matt Guetta, Bertrand Benoit, Alex Roman, etc.) are in fact using these tools. You can also get a hold of Sketchup to help with modeling, but it's not as great for quality. The most important thing for you will be to master how to create believable materials and lighting, but anything related to photography and composition is definitely a plus.

Same question, been using SketchUp + VRay for a while, and even though it can get the job done I start to see some limitations in terms of CAD workflow.

I am leaning towards option mentioned by >>537647, cause I expect Maya to be more focused on animation. Is there anything else worth considering? I've been told that Rhino is regarded as useful, but from my experience it's very clunky.

Keep in mind, both the CAD compability (I'd love to be able to work from dwg/dxf blueprints) and decent output quality are desirable.
Is that your pic OP? Everyone here gave you some sound advice, to add my two cents, I think you should add more detailed textures and a high output for your render. What program are you using now?
Maya is great for animation. Same as Blender but studios most likely will only have Maya to do it on.
Maya is probably harder to get around in than Max and wouldn't benefit much for architectural work. It's main advantage is mostly for rigging and animating characters, which OP doesnt require.
Sketchup into unity or unreal

Have to go via max for unreal but just get a pirated copy you don't need to worry you are just importing fbx then mapping and exporting

It's complicated so I won't explain here but there's guides on YouTube which is how I learned

You could also pirate stuff like Lumen or Twinmotion which is EZPZ real time rendering
I do arch viz with rhino and vray for a living. Started with Cinema 4D and I can tell you since my office made me work with Rhino, I never go back. If you are doing arch viz for a real architecture firm, understanding autocad, rhino, and vray would be a place to start.
why companies are so rigid when it comes to software?

a guy who is an expert with corona/lux is more valuable than someone average on vray

a guy that is expert with blender is more valuable than an average dude working in cinema4D.

why does everything have to fit a narrow and strict set of demands. after all the programs serve the same purpose
not all programs serve the same purpose. cinema 4D cant do solid modeling, rhino doesnt have timelines, 3dsmax scripting is nothing compared to grasshopper for rhino. also, what youre saying is pretty common sense here.. an expert in x will always be better than an average in y.
no m8, they are all fucking the same.

its just your decision if you want to learn your software from top to bottom.
artists bitch too much how they can't handle something and instantly switch tools.
Oh so Sketchup is just like Maya, okay. Not even that anon, you're just retarded.
blender as modo,modo as max,max as c4d, c4d as maya etc.

most programs have the same plugins, most renders can be bought, most files are interchangeable.
its just people disregard an program because they can't work with a certain plugin
It's often about assets. Like, a studio has a lot of 3dsmax/Vray assets, so of course they are looking for people who can work with that.
Any reasonable person doesn't disregard any software with functional capabilities. But they are not all the same in terms of quality, and not all the same in terms of functionality. Saying they are all exactly the same is just as stupid as the person who said some programs can't do things that they have functionality with, but even then he was giving his opinions on functionality.

There is a reason why we don't all use Blender. We have programs with hundreds of millions poured into them and use in the industry every day. The biggest reason people use Blender is because it's free and legal. This isn't too say you can't create banging work in any of these programs, but you're a dipshit if you think they are all the same quality.
Yeah but this is just a collage done on Photoshop. I yet have to start doing renderings. I think I will do the 3D on Rhino and export to C4D for visualisation. It is common in our school to do it that way I heard.
Vray + Rhino here. Rhino is the best environment for architecture design and visual modelling.
File: C4D.jpg (1.93 MB, 2880x1800)
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I used ArchiCAD for 3D and rendered it with Cinema though I heard that Vray should be a better plug-in for C4D than the normal software.
I've used both and I can say that I didn't feel much difference other than the modifier workflow which IMO is more obtuse.

If anything I would use 3dmax solely because the vray material libraries are easier to import and more free websites offer them.
Just use Lumion. Better is not always better especially if that "better" takes a long time to make. Sure, Lumion is expensive but it already paid for itself 10 times (all it took is one client in my case to pay for itself). The results are not AAA studio or photorealistic but in real world, the client (normally a layman in such things) don't really care as long as they can grasp and comprehend and visualize the project, they will be satisfied. Remember, time is money. It's admirable that you wanted to give it the best look you want but long story short... work smart, not hard. Your client doesn't care about the tools you use or how awesome your textures are or even the shader and some mumbo-jumbo rendering sorcery... they just want a Visualization... fast
File: sa aand 1.jpg (2.35 MB, 3205x1680)
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2.35 MB JPG

My question though: >>540955

Pic related, Lumion
The ''work smart, not hard'' thing is right. And also you have to go fast. I also really recommend you to ''cheat'' a lot with photoshop. On youtube there's a lot of videos about photoshop architecture, or design. Also look here :

And use a cad software (rhino, sketchup).
File: 1426133568532.jpg (14 KB, 294x273)
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Here's another example of shitty archviz
>Why is it shitty anon?
The perfect shitstorm called "cheap-software mixed with very poor knowledge"

Thinking that you can shortcut everything is the first step towards being and staying shit-tier. Sometimes you actually have to work to understand the means to create great images.

>Physical materials

Time is money, but if you cheapen all the time, you'll do shitty jobs in your basement all your life.

Research your subject, learn about it, get the proper tools, find mentors, push your limits. Only then will you have a successful career and a portfolio worth showing.

Cheating in Photoshop is essential, yes, but you need a good 3D base to start with. It must be more about enhancements than patching and correcting major flaws.
File: IMG-20161126-WA0004.jpg (437 KB, 3264x1836)
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OP here. Made some progress with C4D.
>but you're a dipshit if you think they are all the same quality.

no its because i actually studied the differences

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