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Thoughts on this fine show?
Started good, went nowhere. Got bored with it. Definitely Tsutomu Nihei's most boring work.
manga is way better
Blame trailer looks promising. I am waiting for this for over 10 years. Lets hope it will be good.
I quite like that fake 2d 3d look, the biggest problem is the low quality animations (in the show)
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There's parts that look decent enough.
My biggest problem with the CG is the robots. The entire show runs at a good fps the whole time, but when the robots show up they look like they're animated at 15 fps. It clashes really hard. Eventually I got past it, but it was still pretty jarring. Some of the effects and designs were pretty interesting if I remember correctly. I feel like a lot of the story was missing from the show. I didn't read the manga, but the story of the show seemed pretty barebones and more focused on the bigger events.

Granted, the last time I watched it was a few years ago so I could be remembering wrongly, and I have no idea if the 2nd season ever came out. If it did, hopefully it was a bit better, and funded better.
it glosses over a lot from the manga
That's what I figured. A lot of the characters didn't seem really fleshed out at all. Which is pretty strange given the fact that it's a series and not a movie. A lot of the characters were just generalizations and tropes.
Granted I don't think Netflix really tried anime at that point and they were just playing it safe (or the studio, or whoever was in charge if at all).

Still it was alright. Kind of forgettable though.

Ajin is the better the show.

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