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Is it possible for a mathematician to break into the CG industry? I'm not an expert modeler or anything, but I try to have my work revolve around computer graphics algorithms as much as possible.

Also what would it take to get published in a CG heavy magazine, like 3D World or something like that. Do they feature articles from a technical point of view? Or should I just stick to writing articles for ACM or IEEE?
There is lots of people at disney with only a math background. The math people give some technology/math algorytthm, dev put them in 3d software and TDs ar making interface for artists :)
just become a tech artist?

try houdini
This gives me hope. Do you know if they all have PhDs or is lower education also acceptable? Any tips on what branches these guys usually specialize in? I'm guessing computational geometry and numerical analysis, but could be missing something.

>try houdini
Any particular problems I could try and solve? Something that I can put on the CV as research experience or something along those lines, maybe get an article out of. I've mostly been doing work in Maya and have some experience writing plugins in C++, but other than that most of my work isn't done in connection with any 3D packages and is just theory masturbation :^)
You could create a OpenGL rendering engine to learn about real-time techniques.

Or write a raytracing renderer, like Luxrender or PBR to learn about offline techniques.
Tech artists are super valuable, anyone who would tell you otherwise is retarded.
try visuals instead
A mathematics PHD acquaintance of mine went to work for Weta Digital recently. To be fair, I don't know exactly what kind of work he was involved with, but something CG related programming.
Alright, I guess I'll start working towards to becoming a tech artist then. Thanks for the help.
>Is it possible for a mathematician to break into the CG industry?

If you put your name on a widely used shader it'll be in every 3D app for the next 50+ years.

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