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Hey /3/ im a 20 yo about to end a degree in 3d animation

I'd really like to work in the industry but i know it is saturated right now,
I get some good money until im 26 years old, that means i have the time to get a second degree/master.

i'd like something that could help me get in the industry easily, was thinking about programming or optics.
What would you recommend me to take?

PS: im not interested into making a lot of money, I just want a stable job.
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10,000 hour rule
if you have 6 years to flounder then try everything at least once.
once you know what's what then pick something you find fun because youll be doing it every day.
the only think that will get you into the industry easily is if you take that skill you made with 10000 rule and turn it into an art.
or just know someone because in this industry you'll be working contract to contract so making reputable connections is a must if you aren't the best
oh, go work at Walmart because it's go big or go home
Unless you're ridiculously good in 3d animation, I'd recommend spending the next 6 years just building your portfolio.
Animation is more about what you can do, vs what you know.
People are going to want to see your portfolio+demo reel over everything else. Your degree is just icing on the cake.
Getting a CS degree will help with scripts/game dev/whatever if you want, but that's really up to you.

Also, if you wanted a stable job, you picked one of the worst industries for it.
Thanks for the tips

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