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/3/ guys!
I have a very simple request.

There is a 3D model on this page:

"Download models for 3D printing"

Can you write "Artemis" or "Diana" on it, or just put something cute on the nameplate, whatever?
It's for my sister.

I managed to open it on Windows 10, but the in-build editor is basic af.

For exchange I can help you solve computer problems, questions. Cheers!
File: 3d_fuckery.jpg (235 KB, 1202x933)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
For example the in-built tool just adds a "pop up text", cannot make it look like the original one even.

attached pic, this is the only "option" that this thing gives to me. and heck I am anything but artistic.
What format do you need it in? Also stl proportions seem a bit wierd. is it like 4 x 1 cm ?
The same as it comes in, its obj/stl/STEP, they are all included. I looked up some company on the internet who prints 3D by the hour, so I just want to send them the modified nameplate and get it printed.

And hope it will fit, lol.
Bumperino. (Don't know how fast this board is.)
You guys also into demos/scene, or just 3D modeling?
Fuck lol I posted twice without even answering.

Width: 70 mm, 2.76 in
Seems about right...

Sorry. Bit dying over here, caught some I don't know what, my stomach is like I just committed harakiri.
File: Diana Inset.jpg (86 KB, 1140x643)
86 KB
This is literally the slowest board on 4chan. Not exaggerating.
Hows this?
Looks nice. Thank you.
Can you make an "Artemis" one too?
Just replace text and move the stuff aside.

IF it's that simple.
I never worked with 3D tools, and I don't think every one of them is as simple as the basic Microsoft one.
I didn't change the scales but you might have to rescale them in ur 3d app if theyre off or something.

File: keksoft_shit3d_editor.jpg (273 KB, 1202x933)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Much appreciated mang!
If anyone else has any idea, maybe stock assets/drawings that they can throw on it, please do so.

Btw I can't open them without error, it cries about a ".mtl" file, same filename. But when I click "Ok" it works.

Font looks a bit off though.
its ok mtl files are for Max. Font is ok. It looks like that in Max too. It will look fine when u print it
Oh I see.
Can you make an Artemis version with a thicker font?

That's all.
And thank you.
Thank you based /3/ god.
np :^)

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