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Why 3d modeling seems to be so hard for me? I mean, I really wanna get into some serious projects, but after 2 hrs modeling, I just get incredibly frustrated by my mistakes, my model doesn't look how it should, and I dump it, and repeat the loop, what do I do? I love game models creation but modeling really kills it, why is that? I use 3ds max and I know it pretty well, I also studied a lot, modeling techniques and shit, still feels like im at the starting point
>pic unrelated, shotgun I wanted to make
model something that is on your level of skill

and if you have a question, post it. you may not know if there is a faster/better way of modeling what you want to do
what this anon said.

You can't expect to model really realistic stuff outright if you're just starting, if that were the case anyone could do a couple of months of modelling classes and join the AAA industry, start small, make mistakes, that's how you learn anything. You'll get there eventually
Start of with easy stuff. How long have you modelled? If you are new don't make a complicated weapon, start by doing simple stuff

Also smoke pot

1 year modeling so far but I still get lost
One year is not that long, i've been doing it for about 4 and only now i'm starting to be more competent.
not a modeler but i did use a level editor for years for a game i played.

hmm what points can i remember....

i suggest you find some work you like and try to aspire to that level.

for example when i started playing with ut2003 editor i wanted to make levels as good as the devs did. of course i didnt and i ran into the same skill roadblocks OP did. im not one for plagerism but i tried to copy there style to and comprehend it.

There is always a better way to do things.
What does this mean? i could be modeling something one poly at a time then learn a method or tool that does it faster and better.

This Is my golden rule. There is always a better way to do things. it can be applied to anything in life to.

Not all ideas/projects are good. shelve or discard ones that aren't going anywhere or are just bad.

beware certain tools that give an easy fast result but look meaty oaker to one of higher skill. inset+extrude being the biggest culprit to dulling ones skill.

can i see some work examples? i would like to gauge ur potential.
also.. this sort of skill matures with time.

but your personal talent is a factor to.

who were your favorite artists? did you draw as a child? what did you draw?

did creatures /technology from a movie or media inspire your style?

these factors in life effect artistic ability as one grows up. most people are not enriched like that

Also.... dont be one of those faggots that asks your friend if your work looks good. they always say it looks awesome. they dont know shit.

"it looks fine" never settle for fine
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i suggest trying to model a giger painting. that will learn ya.

boohoooo faggot

i hope ur not trying to impress anybody but ur mom with that
if you can model this you can surely model the picture in the op with no problem

but this is probably not you who did this
Did anyone ever tell you how much of an asshole you are?
a revolver is 2 times harder than the rifle in your pic.

but maybe im missing something and you are stuck at a particular part/area that you are having trouble with.
but as you can see in the pic that revolver is not correct

3D modelling has to be the most straightforward discipline in CG. Model something. Does it look like the reference ? If not, make it look more like the reference. Start parts over as many times as needed
the problem with modeling guns realistically is that you need alot of good refreance.

matter of fact, if you model a gun make sure to have youtube video of it so you can capture all the different angels of the gun
You HAVE to model guns in pieces.
If someone wants to model guns, i can recommend the game "World of Guns". Fuck Youtube videos.
You can literally take apart a gun until the very last tiny screw. You can turn the gun in any perspective and get the shots you want for easy modeling.
>but after 2 hrs modeling

Are you fucking serious?
i thought i was the only one who did this hehe

its very handy been doing it for centuries
Wait so is Inset and Extrude not a good thing to use? I use that shit all the time. Fuck

Those are going to be 2 of the most used things in Max, they're fine.

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