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Don't forget the banner contest

File: 1473895578981.png (3.68 MB, 2120x1194)
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>RWBY is getting a 4th season
>some anons favorite anime got cancelled in the middle of it's first season

( You )

Wrong board, take it to /pol/
It's alright.

And I mean alright very loosely.
checks out to me
File: index.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
White's ass is the only reason this series exists. One single ass, enough to sustain four seasons of pointless, middle-school-tier trash. Never underestimate the power of the ass.
>implying ruby would even last on tv

its all the autists keeping it afloat.
I tried watching this because every autistic animefuck I've talked to praised its animation quality and writing.

I opened the first episode, they started the series off with a fucking le ebin anime fight scene uguu, and I just closed the tab.
Well yeah it's an anime rip off so if you don't like anime you won't enjoy it even from a stupid fun perspective.
No, that's the thing.
I've watched plenty of anime and had a good sense of what I was getting into, but the first episode of this shit was basically just every anime stereotype turned up to 11.
I've watched anime that were genuinely just "good shows", disregarding the fact that they were anime.

I wasn't impressed, even if I'm lowering my standards to "it's just an anime" levels, which I shouldn't even have to do in the first place.
That and the mindless zombie army of RT fans who automatically like everything RT makes.

RWBY is objectively shit by any reasonable standard of measuring anime quality.
t-this gets praise for shitty mo-capped animation?

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