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Hey, am I the only one pissed off by the fact that companies like Disney have exclusive software that I will never be able to use unless I work for them and make boring Disney-drivel unoriginal content that's trash?

They have the right to keep their toys to themselves, but that doesn't mean I have the right to be jealous.

God, every time someone tells me that being jealous of them is wrong ... It triggers me so much
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Doesn't really prevent you from being a good animator, character artists or a FX guy. The software Disney uses just makes the 1% of the 99%.

True, but a lot of it is neat

Liked me to this? And? That's not the software in taking about.

Most of the really good stuff is on lockdown.
Sure a lot of it is neat. Lots of it is probably amazing and super cool and fun to use. But you can achieve the same results with the industry standards.
But in your original post you said yourself that you were wrong.

Why should a company that invests large amounts of money to develop technology be forced to immediately share with the competition? That would remove a lot of incentive to develop more powerful technology and slow progress for everyone as a whole.
>That would remove a lot of incentive to develop more powerful technology and slow progress for everyone as a whole.
Not necessarily, we'll always want more powerful tools regardless of who gets what. If the strongest programs are open-source those with the knowledge to do so can improve upon it for everyone. Things don't have to be a competition to improve.

Plus you can still sell a product and offer the source publicly. Various Linux distributions and several art programs, such as Aseprite, are open-source yet still have a price tag. What people pay for is to get the program compiled and tech support. Inevitably this will result in less sales (aside from the big studios that need tech support since it isn't just one guy fucking around that has the knowledge of how to compile the program, so in effect it's about the same as 3DS Max being free to individuals under a Student license) so it's not good if a company is looking to monetarily succeed under capitalism, but it is good for advancing the technology as a whole.

People like to make things, this is no different.

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