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File: render1.jpg (167 KB, 903x1575)
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Anything that you anatomy "experts" see that looks fucked?

pls dont be gentle
File: 1475076397441.jpg (133 KB, 903x1575)
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133 KB JPG
Hands too big
No genitals
Where are the nipples and the peepee
Thanks for the input bro.
The sharp edges at the clavicle and chest is cus he is currently split into 3 parts.(head/neck, arms,chest/ torso,legs)
Those body parts are too triggering for me. I'm not trying to discriminate anyone.
What? EVERY man has a penis. This is basic anatomy.
No, that's where you're wrong mr. Some men are born with a vagina, we're not born into genders.
I am actually a medical student. When you are male pelvis and perinium you study penis testes etc. When you study female system you study female reproductive system you study ovaries uterus cervis vagina. Not sure where you are getting your facts from
When you are studying*
File: Fuckyou.png (463 KB, 499x501)
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463 KB PNG
The tricep is 2/3 of the arm, whereas here, the bicep is way overrepresented.
>Some men are born with a vagina
Some men are born with no arms and legs, we're not born into bipedal organisms.
stop eating the bait , op.
It is 100% your decision anyways
>>536708 here
File: soldier.jpg (207 KB, 903x1575)
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207 KB JPG
Needs more anatomy.

Just use makehuman.
Wow! thank alot man, really nice feedback.
File: pose001-prod-g_2.jpg (276 KB, 1935x811)
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276 KB JPG
ubstead of crits have a good ref materiel
you show some decent understanding of anatomy forms, but your ref material must be shit
you overdefine some parts, and under define others, an overall lack of bodyfat distribution
and with pecs this large his triceps should be huge as fuck, only way you could get that much mass is by bench press or by pumps every second day with weights, his triceps would develop accordingly into this huge mass hat would overshadow his beceps

you may not lift, but you should think of what muscle groups go together and how to make a silhouette look natural, look up some powerlifters rather than bodybuilders than cut hard before sessions
File: render44.jpg (400 KB, 1702x1644)
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400 KB JPG
Thanks for the tips man! I do lift but never thought about the mass relations in that way.

Here is a new wip

I don't know why you're taking criticism because it looks very accurate

Half of these bozos have no idea what they're talking about
The rectus femoris of the quadriceps look really wierd, almost looks damaged. You should just make them bulgy and smoother
File: muscletime2big.jpg (31 KB, 398x600)
31 KB
sorry man but you completely messed up the abs this time
there are only 4 visible muscle groups with 3 tinedinous ab divisions, sometimes 5 but the split happens at the lowest head not the upper one

as seen here, the guy has a slight split on his right lower side, but not on left

so highest head will already be connected to the ribcage and the pectoral muscles will start as soon as it ends
actually now that i look your previous wip has the same mistake but i guessed its an early wip then

basically 4 pack is the standard with 3 groups above the bellybutton
Hands are too big and the lower legs are a bit fucked, the muscle is too high up to look natural and the front muscles of the lower legs need a bit more volume.
So try to fill up the lower part of the lower legs with the volume you put too high up there. And maybe add a tiny bit of volume to the front muscles of the lower legs and DEFINATLY MAKE THE HANDS SMALLER;

Not op, and definitly not making up excuses for his flaws, but how much are those little detaisl perceived by a layman?

Of course, aiming for perfection is ideal, but to what point must it be pursued if only you peers (i.e. Other anatomy modelers) can perceive flaws? Also, is knowing anatomy so well useful when creating clothed characters?

Just asking, I'm trying to learn anatomy recently and want to know how far should I take it if I'm not focusing on that.
File: hitler_warning.png (535 KB, 601x789)
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535 KB PNG
Don't know much about anatomy, but don't even think of giving him 1 ball and a mupenis

All men are born with a vagina. It's a small vestigial groove at the base of the prostate gland.
Ever heard the term uncanny valley?
Even complete newbies or people who dont know much about anatomy can spot something is off, even if they cant name what it is.

Also if you want a job in this industry, you can be sure your peers will notice the difference.

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