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Does anyone know where I can find mass reference material? I'm talking hundreds and hundreds of images that aren't tiny. Preferably high res for entire scenes.

I'm looking for entire scenes (parks, buildings, city blocks, forests, office interiors, parking lots, malls, etc), and individual references (plants, guns, electronics, mechanical things, clothes, people, faces, cars, windows, doors, office props, city props, etc). Plus animation references like pic related.

It's too hard and time consuming to go on google and try and pick through stuff to for referencing, and I especially need images with more than one view (side view, top view, bottom, front, even quarter views if possible). I'd be willing to pay if i could, or pay someone else to acquire a shitton of material. Don't know where to look though.
forgotten weapons should have some images of guns plus dissassembely.
But guns aren't really that hard anyway.

For vehicles jsut google the vehicle you want and add "walkaround" there's an entire website filled with 100's of hi res images of details and undersides and shit for 100's of different rare and not so rare vehicles.
look up the instagram of some faggot that travels alot.

there are tons of people like these
The whole point of my post was that I don't want to use a website for individual pics, I need hundreds. Images in bulk.
there's some guy that does photo ref packs that are all highres photos and you get 100's
Some are for free.
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>It's too hard and time consuming to go on google and try and pick through stuff to for referencing
No shit. Quit being lazy

Build your own folders up by hand. You'll know what you really want to make by hand picking most of your OWN reference.

cgpeers has a lot of reference up too. Lot of 3dsk stuff, Ive seen vehicle and gun stuff too
give me your folder. mega link

>some guy
your folder. here . now. deliver
oh lord sayonara
I cant even reply to the porper post
>images in bulk
pay up then
no one is gonna compress thousands of photo's for no reason
This. OP if you want to save time you've got to spend money, that's how the world works.
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>But guns aren't really that hard anyway.
go to deviantart forums and make an offer on their job section.
there are loads of photographers there

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