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File: Factory.png (44 KB, 242x338)
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>blender user for over half a decade
>get 2.78 release candidate to try out microdisplacement option
>discover it missing
>the fuck
>share issue with blender forum
>"reset to factory setting."
>do so
>"where the fuck are my experimental options"
>look at user preferences, not there either
>either bug or I dun fucked it up somehow

Any ideas how to fix this? Pic taken from second time I attempted this.
Get the latest off buildbot? I dunno

This didn't really need its own thread but I mean whatever
File: Subsurf-1.png (57 KB, 1163x610)
57 KB
Eh, I wasn't sure if there were a dedicated thread for this. Which is why this exists. Also, this is the RC2 build of the program, which, IIRC is the most recent barring the actual release (whenever that is).

Also I dun goofed. Pic related's taken from after I switched to Cycles render.
>release candidate
here is your answer
you sure your on cycles and have your gpu set up in options?
Don't have a GPU, just my CPU. Does it only work on GPU?

And yes, it's set to Cycles. Experimental Options only work there.
if u don't see that just report it as bug, they usually fucked things in the releases, they will fix that later I hope
I use the first RC and microdisplacement works fine here.

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