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Since sculptris is dead and blender devs have no clue on what made it great, sculptGL is the only decent app ive found with dynamic resolution. The problem is pen pressure is not working (web or offline) and the obj exporter is fucked.
Is there a fix for the pen pressure? google is not helping.
I guess it's not the only decent app now is it?
blender sculpting is fine if you polymodel your base meshes

you shouldn't make base meshes with blender
>dynamic resolution
3D-Coat has that.
It generates voxel geometry as you sculpt, literally out of nowhere. It just creates density as needed.

>UV mapping
I haven't even touched it's texturing tools and rendering, but it's easily the BEST $99 [spoiler] I ever spent. [/spoiler]

>But you can't use it to make porn.


I'm going to buy it at the christmas sale.

I bought this too. Much easier interface to learn than Zbrush and a really good set of tools. They continue to improve the autoretopo tools too.
"free decent app>>536100

shills, cant even spoiler right
3dcoat has a bad brush engine in voxel mode
>3dcoat has a bad brush engine in voxel mode
Then rough sculpt forms then switch to surface sculpting?

-And he didn't say free.

You'll come to your senses eventually
Got me after 2 years. I'm 7 years deep now
check this out,
ZBrush is a great tool for high-detail sculpting. It's retopology tools are a fucking mess though. They are years behind the times.

3D Coat has good retopo tools and a layer-based painting workflow a lot like Photoshop.

Use each for their strengths.
3D Coat is excellent for hand-painted stylized stuff.
It also runs well on older machines.
I regularly paint on models with several 4K texture maps on my 5 year old Lenovo laptop.
but you are not allowed to model waifus with it
wtf who cares about the "whishes" of the devs.

That's pretty cool anon, do you know of any good retopo tools?

I tried contours retopoflow and it does a great job of drawing important geometry around mouths, eyes, and so on but it really falls down in the "patching" department

BSurfaces seems to be really good except last time I tried to use it (2.77) it was broken (global undo bug, grease penil fuckups, script errors)

There's this really interesting set of add-ons called MiraTools but I can't make sense of the author's explanation of how to use it (I could draw verts but couldn't get them to form a mesh, or editable splines). The SpeedSculpt guy actually made videos about it but they're in french

Gif related, one of the MiraTools add-ons
how good is bsurfaces for retopology?
i do retopology by hand so far
try Sketch Retopo and instant meshes, they r both external but there's and addon to link blender with both
try this one out.

Workflow looks easy, lets just hope it works without bugs/crashes.
I downloaded it, but have not tested it yet.
>how good is bsurfaces for retopology?

Skip ahead 5 mins, he jabbers on uselessly about how startling it is that bsurfaces isn't the standard for retopologizing


Basically you draw a curve using the grease pencil and then you can adjust how many quads fill in the space between the two lines. A bit like Maya Quad draw but with quite a bit more fiddling to get the results you want

This speed retopo add on >>536495 linked seems to basically be an extension of Bsurfaces (define an area with grease pencil, noodle with settings to fill in quads)

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