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ITT: We post our videos/ WIP for enjoyment or criticism.
Links to youtube, webms, gifs, etc. All skill levels are welcome, but try to be serious about it.
I wish 4chan had a board for 2D animation.
I like this idea. I'll be back when I actually stop being fucking lazy and make something.
I made this in high school when I was mad about failing my AVID class because I didn't meet AVID expectations.
my first animation btw , and also one of the first blender cycles project
here are some cycles i did, i do realize that dino sucks, but this is what happens when you have no references or any idea how something should move
Those are pretty impressive, anon.
Far beyond the skill level that I could give any criticism on.

How long have you been animating?
i started animating in maya 10 months ago, but i did some animation related things way before that in after effects
Hey anon,
I actually really like the dog cycle, and the run cycle for the character is quite nice too. How long did you spend on them?
OP here, I've got this one video, made in SFM (I like the program but I don't believe in software superiority)
Anyway, check it out if you want, it's my first and only so far
File: Superhero Landing 740.webm (2.83 MB, 1920x1080)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM

My first try at building aniblocks from scratch.
a day or two on each, they are actually pretty simple to do, with a dog, you just make a pose, move some things around, and overlap them, as for the guy its just a normal run cycle with some changes in timing to make it more snappy
I like how you incorporated some follow through here
One improvement to the copied animation would be to mess with some of the curves of whatever graph editor you have, the chest doesn't look like it comes down quite enough, and the arm which is held up looks a little snappy.
That last one though, I like the falling, has just the right amount of bounce!
What exactly is aniblocks? Is it some type of extension?

Aniblocks are basically animation building blocks for Daz Studio. When you make an animation, like a walk cycle in the keyframe timeline you can save it as an aniblock. Then in the animate timeline you can take aniblocks and lay them out together. So if you want a character to do 4 walk cycles then kneel and stop you lay 4 walk aniblocks end to end and then a kneel and stop aniblock after it and it will do 4 walks, kneel and stop.

You can also layer aniblocks so if you have an aniblock of someone walking and an aniblock of someone talking on a phone you can put the talking on the phone aniblock on a sublayer and tell it to control only the arms and upper body so the character will be walking and talking on the phone.

It makes it very easy to package animation assets and mix and match them to create longer animations.
I was in AVID.

Shit seemed like a total waste of time. Trying to force a thinking style on everybody. The organization shit didnt help either, or the random binder checks. It honestly didn't help me one bit for college.
Granted I was in it in middle school, and that was a long time ago.

We did go on a field trip to a college once in that class, and someone stole my GBA.

I'll miss you venusaur.
Bumping with animation related discussion:
Curves or manual velocity control via keyframes?

The majority of animators I've seen use curve editors, but I've read that some people get away with ignoring it completely.
Instead of altering the velocity of a movement via a curve editor, they just make another keyframe and adjust it manually, slowing or speeding up the velocity using the position, rotation, scale, etc.

Which method is better? Or is it personal preference?

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