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>im a generalist
I'm a generalist and I have a job in the industry doing generalist work. what's there to laugh about?
Same here, I enjoy all aspects so why pigeon hole yourself?
most people who apply where I work don't get looked at twice unless they have multiple skillsets.
We had one guy who was an ace modeler, really fast quality work but pretty much became a burden when he couldn't UV his own models. Texturing was also out f the question, and rigging + animation was a no go either.
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I'm gittin' gud at Unity, 3D, Playmaker, Behavior Designer, all that jazz.

I'm makin' cash money doing my own shit while you all slave away for the man.

I worked in the service industry for years while learning my craft. I will not have another BOSS for my creative output just like you have a BOSS in retail.

I'm a generalist, motherfucker. BOW.
He couldn't learn at least UV'ing and texturing?
What an failure of an so called "specialist".
UV unwrapping is tedious as hell on complex models.
especially mechanical stuff like robots/tanks.
not hard, just tedious
Aren't all aspects of 3DCG tedious?

no, UV unwrapping and retopology are more tedious than anything.
modeling and sculpting are the creative process
My neighbor, is a retired DreamWorks Generalist who started working there when they were founded.

He told me whenever they were cutting people, they would keep all the programmers, the top 40 ish% of people that work on one task (lighting, rigging, modeling) and 70 ish % of the generalists.

Basically he says if you want to keep a job for a while, start as a generalist, and know how to code. He said it basicly like this. If you are a generalist, and they don't have any room in the department you want to work in, they can still hire you as something else, and once you are in, it's only a matter of time until you can transfer to another part of the pipeline that you want to work in. Also if they are cutting people, being able to do more then one thing decently will make you more valuable to the company.

are you sure about that? sounds fishy

There are a lot of jobs that don't require the absolute best of the best in the industry. Basically if you can fill any the dime a dozen positions competently, they will keep you on. Also free food.
im in shock.
i thought dreamworks has the most nazi requirements ever

This is just what he told me, and he was there for 18 years.

Keep in mind, generalist is just a "title" and does not imply how well you can work or how much you know. You can assume the generalists at dreamworks have years under their belt.
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>He posts my OC
I'm a generalist and have been for about four years. I do modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and when needed simple animations and simple simulations (cloth, fire, smoke etc). It works out fine when you're working at a small company.
knowing a little of everything (job related) is the best way to keep working at something (and somewhere) for a long time.

it's not bad being a specialist (hell, most engineering are extremely focused in specialization), but if you know the big picture you can adapt and take different positions and experience. If you have the will you could even look to have a managing position.

tl;dr: it's good to be a generalist (in any profession) AND to be a specialist. Whatever you are more comfortable.
I always have to keep the uv's in mind so I can't really be fully creative though
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>I'm want to be an art director
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the prospect in of itself isn't that challenging, most people just fail at it because they aren't disciplined or motivated enough to get there like with pretty much anything else in life. there's just some things that require a lot of sacrifice to get there, and the safer route is a lot more attractive to most people. maybe they don't believe in themselves, dunno
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I'm an ENFP, so I can hardly be anything BUT a generalist. Feels good and bad at the same time, man.
Well yeah I suppose.Calling yourself a generalist is easy because there are no requirements. However I'd rather have a bad generalist than a bad concept artist, because the latter is utterly useless.


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