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Hey /3/

What is your opinion on auto-rigs?

I'm in my graduation year and I'm planning to build an auto-rigger.
Most autoriggers are counter-intuitive and generally a hastle. I want my rig to meet a couple requirements.

>Easy and intuitive to use
>Should be able to handle both easy and complex models
>Should be useful for both beginners and more experienced 3D'rs

Plan on using a system kinda related to building blocks. Import a hand, put it in place etc. Model with five legs would not be a problem, just import five legs for example.

What do you guys think?
Most autorigs are shit, one ive found that actually really damn good is Rapid Rig Advanced

I'm pretty sure the best one around is Advanced Skeleton


By a mile.
doesnt this kinda depend on what you are planning to do with whatever you are rigging?
with all the extras if you try to pull a rig like that into unity and use it in mecanim for example you are gonna have a bunch of ass to pain through.
if you are just animating sure...
rigify -> blender addon
can produce a rig for whatever human model with a couple clicks

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