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I've been learning C4D for animation projects I have been working on, I've gotten the basics down pretty good, and have added joints to basic characters and gotten them to move and things were running smoothly

I couldn't seem to get things to work with all the joints connected, like connecting a hip to a spine resulted in only the hip working and I couldn't get the child joints to move with the mesh.

My solution had beento just bind each joint to their respective limb, and keeping them seperate. and it had been working great. But today I decided I want to go a little further, and created this hand. My thinking was that if I made a set of joints for each finger I could somehow bind them all together, perhaps at the wrist, though I'm having a hell of a time finding anything about how to go about this.

Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated
I've tried dragging the finger joints to the wrist joint, but nothing happened
this guy has good tutorials for rigging on c4d plus someone already uploaded a model with hands rigged.

Thanks, I will check it out
This seems to be for a pre made skeleton, I want to learn how to make it myself, seems like a good tutorial, perhaps I will look and see if he has a more detailed video
hmm guessing this things gonna die
last hope bump
Dump Cinema4d and use Maya for Character animation and you'll keep your sanity and your frust level low.
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(Deleted and re-added my post because I can already make a few assumptions from the screenshot in the OP)

Honestly, this.

I've been using cinema for a few years now, and can't recommend it for character animation in any situation.
You may just want to learn maya instead.
Cinema does a lot of shit ass-backwards, and has a plethora of bugs when it comes to character animation, since it's not really designed with characters in mind.

With that said, I'll try to help to the best of my ability if you're really dead-set on using this program. I have a few hours to kill.

The way you're trying to rig your character is a bit abnormal.
While it may work short-term, it's not optimal, and will cause you several problems down the line.
I am a little uncertain of where to start with an explanation, since I don't know how familiar you are with the program.

The main workflow to creating and rigging a simple character in Cinema is as follows:
1. Create the meshes or mesh
2. Combine the meshes if necessary
3. Create the Joints and place them in key locations
4. Select the Joints and the single combined mesh
5. Character --> Commands --> Bind
This will create a weight tag on your mesh.
If you don't fully understand how weighting works, I recommend looking up some tutorials on the subject.
It's a universal concept throughout all 3D applications, so Maya/blender tutorials work too if you just want to understand the concept.

From there, you can double-click the weight tag, and begin painting or unpainting problematic areas of your mesh, and refining what each bone moves, and how strong of an influence it has on a vert.

I don't recommend trying to rig a character the way you are currently. It would be extremely hard unless the shapes making up the character are simple primitive shapes.

As for:
>I couldn't seem to get things to work with all the joints connected

I am a little unsure of what this means. If you post a project file it would be easier for me to figure it out.
I'm honestly open for any program, I was just given this one on a disk so it was the one I went with. Is it a lot different as far as the interface and the basics? I just don't want to have to learn a whole new program. Wasn't a huge fan of blender, though I cant remember why
realized I wasnt clear, those questions were about Maya, I keep hearing about it
The interface is vastly different. You will most likely have to re-learn it through tutorials or however.

What doesn't change is the techniques and fundamentals. Modeling, rigging, weight-mapping, animating, etc. It's the same throughout all 3D programs.
You can accomplish the same things, but the ways and steps you have to take to accomplish it varies from program to program.
Some programs give you better tools to help you accomplish things in a way that won't make you rip your hair out, such as how Maya's animation layers aren't completely fucking broken like Cinema's are.

Although, it is very likely you run into the same issues you're having now in Maya, just because I'm assuming you're fairly new to 3D, and weight-mapping is a concept that carries over across all 3D programs.

Also no one likes blender. The UI is disgusting, and this is coming from a C4D user.
I am fairly new, I'm a stay at home dad and have spent the last month learning C4D, but I leaarned that pretty quickly I may give maya a whirl

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