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I used to be a carpenter, I broke my back a year ago and had to flush that career path down the toilet, recently decided to take up 3d modeling since it seems like one of the few worthwhile crafts for a cripple that could actually go somewhere with enough time and effort invested into it.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make cash with this before really developing a portfolio or anything beyond a basic skillset of say, 200 hours of initial practice, I know that comes off sounding like I'm an impatient teenager who doesn't want to actually put the effort into improving but what I mean is is there much of a market for lowest bidder slave labor shitty mobile game shovelware assets or something? I'd understand I'd have to work for indian tier wages but I'd just like to find a way to pay rent while I learn this shit, I'd be perfectly comfortable working for less than $2/h just to develop my skills for a couple months to a year, I'm just wondering if its possible to make third worlder wages by making placeholder assets for an indie dev or something and if anyone knows of a good place to look for outsourced low quality low pay work.
Yes, but it's hard to find, like every other good deal. Nobody would just spill it out for you, if some 4channer has such an ordeal, he'd keep it to himself.
Well yeah, I'm sure the secret to getting into a nepotistic game studio run by kids with kickstarter money through connections where you can make an actual living wage producing garbage because they don't care would be closely guarded by those who figured it out, but what I'm talking about doesn't seem desirable enough to have that kind of attitude, I'm dead serious when I say ask is there an easy way to get $1.50/h pajeet wages for the quality of work matching the grade of pay

Do you think making a generic low poly $5 asset pack on the unity store or something would have any kind of return at all? or is it too saturated

Would it be wise to try and corner a specific niche in an asset market by modeling shit I'm familiar with like say, power tools and can probably bring a higher level of quality than other stuff at my current skill level or should i focus on a more generic zombie survival pack to aim for the much broader market of 15 year olds that wanna work for vidya gaems, while at the same time competing with much higher quality packs, having to significantly price cut them to have any chance of a sale.

Or should I start trying to find a mobile dev that'll hire an inexperienced retard for peanuts
Kepp 3d as a hobby if you like it, but get a better job.
I mean it. You could easely have a better life while doing another job from home than trying to keep up with dedicated artists who have 10 years more experience IN THE MOST COMPETETIVE enviroment you can imagine.
There is no easy road nor can you earn a living with low quality stuff when better artist competet with you for low level jobs.
Learn webdev / appdev instead.
3d is highly competitive and it'll take forever until you can make money off it.
>recommending web dev/application programming
>pretending they're less competitive than 3D
spot the person who's never done either of these things
at least after developing a good portfolio and doing an internship with whatever jews want to underpay you for the first year, you wont have any trouble finding a job in /3/ that pays well, but fuck if you're going to find ANYTHING in the programming market even if you're making your own kernel tier autistic when india has a billion shitskins competing to work for rice taking all the shit jobs and 1,000,000 first worlders are competing for 10,000 minimum wage programming jobs
not disagreeing with you at all but china and india have 3D studious as well

whats the difference really?
chinks and pajeets are hardly capable of producing anything high quality, in todays market it doesn't matter how neat and efficient your code is and it's perfectly acceptable to have shit like skype using 2gb of ram despite your average irc client using 2mb, so the concept of "you get what you pay for" doesn't really matter when it comes to the programming market. pixar doesn't outsource 3D assets to india, facebook outsources fucking everything it does to india, see my point?
i think a lot of people here who work in the industry would agree it's not that hard to find work if you're really good at /3/ but holy shit is it hard to find good work as a good programmer
I've always kind of wondered this myself, I've seen a lot of awful awful AWFUL trash on asset stores and I've always been curious if they managed to sucker in someone and make a bit of cash or if they're just fucking delusional. I'd love to be able to sell my practice work to idiots.

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