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What would be a better and more professional alternative to SFM for making Overwatch pron?

What about UE, Unity or Cryengine?

There's this guy who takes Daz Genesis female figures and geographs the heads from the game onto the Genesis body, then models the outfits for the Genesis figure. This gives a much better quality looking figure than the low poly game models, plus you can render in Iray which is far superior to OpenGL.

But you'll have to know how to model in order to make geographs and clothing, but the end results will be much better.
Maya, theirs a reason its the program used by EVERY major animation company.
how come there's so little creators using maya then? feels like you'd need +2 years of experience just to be decent with it

I've seen good animations done in unity. you just need to know how to script
>you just need to know how to script
Or just get UE4 and use the sequencer.
It's like they wanted to steal sfm auditory.
I don't think anyone uses Ue4 to make porn yet. Probably never will.

I don't know. there's something about sfm porn that feels more raw. I feel like those who switch spend too much time caring about the render quality rather than the animation.

Can someone post some 60FPS Maya porn using SFM models? I only know like 3 people who use it. Has to be more.
geografts you tard
grafting, get it
"there's so little creators using maya"

Its the industry standard, outside of video game porn -_- I have not worked at a place that does not have Maya somewhere in the pipeline. (Besides mo-graph using c4d as a standard)

SMF makers don't use maya because its expensive (unless you are pirating it or have a student license) and Source has a lot of pre-made shit you can easily get your hands on.

If SFM makers want a more professional alternative, like OP suggests, Maya has the tools to do it. And by learning it, it opens a lot more doors anyway.
stopped reading

Jokes aside;

>Its the industry standard
I know that, but that doesn't really matter since we're talking about it being used for porn

>SMF makers don't use maya because its expensive
Highly doubt that. If they're using SFM, then I'm pretty sure they know how to pirate it. Takes less than 5 minutes to get it.

>Source has a lot of pre-made shit you can easily get your hands on.
This is a huge selling point for sure. It's very easy to setup a scene, though making quality animation is going to be the same regardless of what program you use.

>like OP suggests, Maya has the tools to do it
Why not Blender? I mean it's already the default program that sfm models are ported from. Has way more tutorials available, is free, and is easy to script with.

Sorry, I've been drinking.
just stick with SFM, is this program even get updated often?

SFM is really user friendly and renders scenes quickly out of the box.
Theboogie switched from SFM to Maya and was feeling pretty frustrated on his porn blog, but once he got good at using the software he was able to make very high quality renders.

I don't know Maya very well or what the default renderer is you'd be using (Mentalray?) but every renderer has tricks to speed it up at the cost of realism, and nowadays even Blender has cloud rendering options (which is the only SENSIBLE way to render videos if you're going to live off the shit).

At the very least though you can set your materials to Shadeless or Emissive to preview renders.

I don't see how expense is a factor when you're just going to steal the software, but if you REALLY cared and actually made a lot of money or something off the shit, you could actually incorporate (and start paying taxes, which would be a good idea if you're making a lot of dosh) and write off the Maya license fees as a business expense.

Also just a pro tip, if you want to work with other people's SFM models (as a starting point or whatever) you'll likely have to import them to Blender and then export from Blender to Maya (none of that is hard at all).

Everything else is for retards who don't know what they are talking about.

Maya has the HumanIk system. it is so fucking easy to set up characters to be animated, even SFM imports.

People only use SFM because they are incompetent idiots who follow others like sheep and get scared by diferent UI.

You want realtime animation? Export your model and animations to unreal engine, ez.
Additionally, if you use Maya you can simply import DAZ3d figures and modify them. That's what lordaardvark does, except you won't have to reconfigure your models for SFM and make them worse in the process.

Hell you can even subdivide your modles in maya, making them better looking which will instantly make you better than SFM babbies who are stuck using low poly models with shitty skin weights.
>asks for professional alternative
>gets told professional alternative
>"no i didn't want the professional alternative, it's being used for porn"

What else do you want? The fuck?
It absolutely does not matter what program you are using. The result will be the same.
Use whatever program you feel comfortable with. Programs in 3D are mainly just up to personal preference, aside from the fact that only certain rendering engines are available to certain programs.

There are however some minor advantages to using certain programs over others during the PROCESS of creating your content.
C4D is best for motion graphic stuff, Maya is best for animation, and I dunno what 3ds is best for. Games I guess?
Blender's kinda a jack of all trades.
THAT BEING SAID, it won't drastically affect your render in any way if you choose to use a different program. Certain tools just won't be available to you that may be present in others.

The main reason why SFM is so popular with porn creators is because:
1. It is easy to use
2. It is VERY easy to use
3. There is an abundance of resources
4. There is a SFM porn "scene" that exists.

That's it. That's the only reason why SFM users prefer to stick to SFM over any alternatives.
There is no "maya porn scene" as big as the SFM porn scene. It does not exist and probably will not exist for a while.
>why not blender

Because blender is garbage, enjoy your huge render times, slow workflows and arcane UI.
3ds max is best for modelling , it has the finest control over your model and skin.
>but if you REALLY cared and actually made a lot of money or something off the shit
Then Blizzard would sue me
>Can someone post some 60FPS Maya porn using SFM models? I only know like 3 people who use it. Has to be more.

so, can someone post a link to something new?..
Just use SFM if you want to make 5 to 20 seconds porn loop.

Those "Valve time tier" render time is just not worth it if you use Maya or Blender for porn.

Monthly reminder that Skills >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Software
>actually believes this was done by hand
They use scripts for this numbnuts

The point is, its using microsoft paint.
File: 1R7XXkJ.png (57 KB, 625x656)
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Doesn't zbrush replace 3ds max on the purpose of modeling detail?
Is it still worth working with Maya instead of C4D nowadays?

I've seen OW porn made in C4D.
>3dcg porn
y'all should kill yourselves for being cancer desu.
mommy said naughty things are a sin ? :^)
depends, is it organic or hard surface
What do you mean?
>says everything else is shit except Maya
>calls people " incompetent idiots who follow others like sheep"
>suggests a middleware IK solution instead of building bone hierarchy yourself.
stay pleb
zbrush is a sculpting program while 3dsmax is used for modeling and animation.
it's a different part of the pipeline and the tools compliment each other, usually what you get out of work done in zbrush is just texture maps, it takes control away from the actual topology of the model.
tfw no genesis body for roadhog
Is it really worth getting 3ds Max just for modeling instead of just using Maya tools? Is there a big difference in potential that justifies the need to use 3ds max for the best quality on modeling?
I've personally used 3dsmax (or 3D studio) ever since the DOS version, I don't know Maya.
I'm sure you can accomplish the same or similar results in both softwares.
3dsmax has a history of being the better option for low poly game models and is also widely used in architectural visualisation, while Maya has always been more about animation.. both softwares have turned into all-around packages.
with max it's common that if you want to have state of the art results, you'd need to buy expensive plug-ins that are aimed for very specific purposes, like cloth simulation or liquids&fire.
Never believe people when they say software X sucks while software Z is best, it's not about the software, it's about the user.
Picasso is still Picasso even if he draws with a piece of coal.
But Maya has all those physical simulators for the animation too right?

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