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I have been playing with 3d for about 3 years now and I can make fairly realistic shit and recreate anything i see on pixar movies. I use blender and cycles to render, and I have a fairly powerful system to render images with (i5 4690k, 3x GTX 980's)

My question is how do I make a quick profit from this?

I was thinking of making porn or hyper realistic women and selling those models.

Is there any paths I can take to make overnight or even a weekly profit from

please list more than one and say what you average from doing.

I say quick profit because im not going to do this stuff as a career just would like to make some money for my hobby. Please dont derail this thread, the info you provide could be useful to others.
post pics of your moduls plox
File: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (853 KB, 1903x1080)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
here i show you the ploxx since u asked
You know that model got released on /3/ a while ago right? Stop posing please.
>released on /3/ a while ago

And still no proper nude version.
>I can make fairly realistic shit and recreate anything i see on pixar movies.

no you can't
File: 1474050029806.jpg (99 KB, 627x715)
99 KB
The easiest/quickest way to rob people of their shekels currently is patreon.
Keep in mind that the moment you release anything it will be pirated to fuck.

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