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Any of you guys going to this years zbrush summit at gnomon? Is it worth the time?
Even though its free I gotta drive over an hourto get there?
i go to gnomon, so id say no. zbush isnt going to do anything at the event substantial that you cant get online. and probably not zbrush 5, so a waste of time unless you want to meet people
>waste of time unless you want to meet people

Isnt that the most important part other the lectures?

There are going to be at maximum 70 people there and most of them are probbly not even 3d artists. And the ones that are probbly arnt gonna have a tablet with them with their demo reel. So if you show up with that and show it to a cople of artists and recruiters thats a big plus for your you.
>i go to gnomon

I start this fall (oct 9)

Hope that shit is worth it. I emailed about 25 graduate students they all said it is.

Nope. I was planning on it but all the workshops are sold out.

Not going to go all the way to LA just to watch a few presentations onstage that will be available on Youtube the next day.
Going out and doing shit instead of being at your PC all the time makes you more successful, like how iPhone owners get laid more than Android owners.

Don't try to rationalize or understand everything. When in doubt, go out.
Literally the best 2 years of my life. You will soon learn how amazing it truly is. Im in the 2 year program but am taking an extra year to do anatomy, drawing, and extra coding classes so im more well rounded.

I was 19 and was 7 years younger than all my other classmates, but everybody is supper chill. Worked out for me pretty good. Since they are all older they dont party and are focused. I lived in a 5 br house with 4 other gnomies, and we had a render farm in our downstairs closet lol.
Join the 4chan discord so we can connect, maybe ill see you around school sometime
Recruiterz XD my dude. There really arnt any, its just a bunch of people who think zbrush is god and cant figure out why they cant get a job with their zremeshed sculpt.
should I volunteer or would people laugh at an intro to maya kiddie. Hell, volunteering might even be all filled up.

Also, we have a 4chan discord?
>Recruiterz XD my dude. There really arnt any, its just a bunch of people who think zbrush is god

Youre kidding right?
Have you seen the people at the gnomon events?
When they got a table of 4-5 people one of them at least is a recruiter because when they come from a specific company they talk about careers at that company like the fist 30 minutes. Especially at zbrush summit when they got like 6 studios speaking in one day.
yeah, they dont sit down at the zbrush event with the hundreds of people to see their pathetic demos. if you have somthing worth seeing, send it to the company directly.

at gnomon events that are really small sometimes they will check things out. but not at large events

yea no one expects them at large events but i know stories of a lot of people who have gotten jobs that way. the gnomon VFX instructor that held an event at gnomon few weeks ago told a story about how he got his first job and it was he literally went to the booth of the company he wanted to get a job and demanded that the person in charged would take a loot at his demo.

I know the lead artist of blur got his job at blur by showing 1 picture to a recruiter at an event.

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