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File: zbrushcore2.png (77 KB, 600x291)
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I wonder how much it's going to cost. It comes bundled with a $200 Wacom tablet so it's gotta cost less than that.

I hope it includes Zremesher at least.
It's probably a "lite" version of zbrush. Fuck that. Just like Ableton Live and any keyboard controller. Just stripped down, not so good versions of the fulls. It'll prob do enough to teach you basics but it's prob missing a fuckton of content that you want.

At least it'll be better than Cubase LE which starts out as a full version then 1 month later disables 3/4 of the features to try and get you to buy the full version.
rip sculptris, its been so long
so it's 150 bucks for most of the modelling features, no hair or texture map support
Worth getting the tablet for.
They're being vague, i can't find Zremesher in the feature list.
But i found Automatic retopology, which Core doesn't have.
Instead of redesigning their UI they created this Lite version, so that people can learn the shit workflow of ZBrush easier.

If the tablet costs 200 and the software alone 150 then its obvious that the program is in reality only 50 bucks worth and you should get it with a tablet (the real value).

With the limited feature set I dont think it would be worth using this over 4r8 since thats also getting core features like the new gizmo.

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