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Which of these programs would you recommend to an art student who needs better references for anatomy and can contort the models into whatever pose they desire?
>in b4 draw from life or something along that line
Which of these programs has the better UI?
Which of these will end up paying for itself in the long run better?

Daz 3D. Design Doll is just a figure. Daz 3D will let you build an entire scene with references.

I got into 3D because I was pissed off with how shitty those little wooden model dolls are and wanted something that would pose better. The upside to it all is I also discovered I really like modelling.

In any case I put together a tutorial that shows how to use Daz 3D to create reference images for illustration.


I never use Daz to render any finished artwork so I use the 3Delight render engine because it's quick. All my renders are either to demonstrate models I build or as references for 2D illustration.

In any case it's free so give it a try. Also there's a program they sell called Hexagon which is only $20 and it is a modeller that bridges to Daz Studio. I highly recommend getting it. It's dated but it works well with Daz for making morphs of the figures included and you never know, you might discover you enjoy making models too.
You can export to any program, free programs like sculptris or blender.
push, pull, pinch etc. and reimport as a morph.
Many thanks, for your input. I think i will give DAZ 3D a try.

Yes but hexagon has a bridge with Daz Studio so if you're working on something in Daz and want to modify it you can send it to Hexagon, tweak the model, then send it right back from Hexagon to Daz and the tweaks will automatically load as a morph. The bridge is very handy.

There's a bridge to Bryce too but it's less useful.
ah, not bad for $20 I guess. Even if the program looks like it's still running on winME

Yeah it's pretty outdated but it's actually a very good vertex modeller even though it's lacking in features. The user interface is fantastic. Just be sure to save often when you're working on something. It gets a little wonky at times on 64 bit machines. Windows 8 it apparently has troubles with but Windows 10 and 7 it runs pretty stable. (just don't subdivide too much and be careful extruding).
Downloaded DAZ 3D Pro and holy shit does this UI look insane. So many controls, tools, and settings. This stuff is like DesignDoll if it if it didn't fuck around. Looks like I'm going to spend the next week combing through this thing.

Don't let it intimidate you. It's actually pretty easy to use compared to other 3D programs. The Daz Forums are a good place for help too. There are also a lot of tutorials on YouTube.
The official Daz youtube videos are actually fantastic now and updated to recent releases.

Bout time!
>...better references for anatomy...

Be very cautious about relying on Daz or any other 3D program for this. 3D figures generally don't change their shape like real people when they shift their pose. Their muscles don't bulge when they bend their limbs, their soft tissues don't squash when they press against hard surfaces, their skin doesn't wrinkle and stretch properly. They are handy for getting proportions right, but you still have to study real anatomy to get good results.
there's morphs for proper bending / adjusting. It gets very close to realism
If you use the raw Daz Exporter and try to export it as an OBJ, the mesh will come out all fucked up.
At a glance it looks fine, but the exporter breaks it up into random unusable elements. Hexagon is actually useful as an intermediary that can send the complete unbroken mesh to your preferred tool.

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