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Does anyone know how i could model an object made out of thread-like materials such as wool, string, etc? (Image may be related)

Im hoping to render the object as well in order to match with the room im designing.
it depends.
if its wool like ur pic you would have to do some fuckery with nurbs and somehow have awsome UV's

if its a surface of shirt it would be alot easier, substance painter have several of wool materials. just have the mesh unwrapped
If it's up close and you can really see the weaving like that, you could do it with a procedural solution e.g. Houdini. Medium distance maybe displacement will look good enough (either procedural or image-based). From farther distance, normal/bump will be sufficient.
This reminds me of a tutorial i never got around to trying out. Maybe this could apply if you understood what the guy was doing.
For Blender there's an addon that could probably do it, check this thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?375378-tissue-by-Alessandro-Zomparelli&p=2899913&viewfull=1#post2899913
If you're using it for a game or whatever, just fake it.
Use tesselation or even a parallax map would be enough.

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