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Apprentice 3D Modeler here.

I'm currently working on a game, and as most games, it needs characters.
I've made several, but they all end up shit and I lose all hope. I have no idea where to begin or where to end up.

Do you make clothing and apparell different objects?
How do you go on about the face, and how do I rig the face for facial expressions?

The game will be minimalistic, I'm trying to keep the poly-count as low as possible, but the characters end up looking like crap, like I'm trying to create something realistic and end up failing hard.

I'm getting tired of this, been working on the game for more than half a year, haven't even created a single character done, and almost no map area.

Pic unrelated
>o you make clothing and apparell different objects?
>How do you go on about the face, and how do I rig the face for facial expressions?
you dont.

your attitude about this thing needs to change. there is no such thing as smalltime 3D modeler and game maker. forget about it.
you either commit to it or keep making garbage. the decision is yours.
art is not something you dismiss, if you become impatient it will reflect that in your work.
watch a shit ton of tutorials. eventually you'll get good.

also whats your game about, do you have the gameplay worked out?
I want to make it full time, but right now I simply don't have time. But I would rather keep producing garnage than quit. I just need to learn how to go on about things.

But when you say parenting, do you create collision for both the human and the clothing, or do you have any other techinques for preventing things to shift through each other? And still working fluintly when animating.

Yeah, I need to gather some patience for those, but i feel like they don't catch everything about making a game, and it annoys me.

It's a horror game, a pretty bad one at that, more for the lack of a good story. I've worked a lot in underground facilites lately, and gathered a lot of inspiration from that, so that is the basis of the environment at least. Kinda like a multiplayer survival game, but underground for a change, close quarters and tight spaces.

I'm more in the stage where I just go through a bunch of ideas in hopes of find something I can actually go through with and finish. I have a few ideas I would like to make real, but they would require more skills than what I have.

Get fuse and use unity and buy a bunch of animations or use an animation extention.


You can always add ur own flair to the fuse characters. Gamers dont give a shit how you got there as long as the game is good.
patience is key. also practice, but it has to be good practice.

So something like alien:isolation X dead by daylight?

If you don't have the skill now you can always post online to see if anyone would like to help.

and fuck this guy -> >>534567
you'll never get anywhere doing this.
Yeah, I keep working daily to get where I feel like I need to be, but it is hard to keep focus when I don't feel like I get anywhere.

I think I just have to go thorugh and complete a game, no matter if it is shit or not, just to get experience in the entire area.

It's leaning towards something like Dead by Daylight, aliens don't really scare me, and most of my ideas are what would scare me. I don't think I will make the monsters playable though, more like a dayZ kinda deal but with a few monsters instead of a lot of zombies.
hmm neat well you definitely have the right mind set

you should join our discord we got a lot of decent people giving decent advice
Just remember: you are ALONE.
Make everything yourself, or con someone out of his/her money so you can comission 3d models for your "project", paying real artists a penny for a job you canĀ“t do yourself.
I have a lot of questions myself in this regard... sadly, I was looking for someone who could explain rigging to me... or at least a good tutorial for it?
If you want money and success from your game, make a twitter and post often.
Also don't post shitty progress stuff, only finished pieces.
Didn't realize the thread was still up, thanks for the info guys!

Yeah, I'm doing everything by myself


This guy shows how to create a low poly human from scratch. Just watch all the parts. Rigging is definitely one of the harder parts of game creation.

Never thought about twitter, but will consider it. Seems like a good media for promotion without having your own website.
Dear OP,

Even graphics that many would call total shit can make a good game.

I think your idea to go low poly is driven by the incorrect assumption that fewer polygons means less artistic talent. This simply isn't true.

I worked for six years on my own with Internet resources to try and make something "good" but all I really needed to focus on was having fun and making something that I enjoyed.

When you can do that, your work will be good even if it isn't what you imagined when you began your journey.

Think about how objectively poor tge anime art style is. If you don't watch anime, it looks like garbage at first.

All consummate works of art can be appreciated and that's really what people care about.

If you think you can't convey the feelings you want with whatever art style comes out of this exercise, try to capture a different feeling.

You'll probably never be able to make the vision you have in your head today, so going forward you should try to keep an open mind.
Make another SCP game
I've never had a problem with simplistic art at all, but I undertsand how you got that idea. I'm just not sure if I'm good enough for that kind of art either, and horror games with good graphics tend to be more scary, but not always of course. But you are right, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, and now I see that I have to go with what I get, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Still, I like doing things on my own, but some things are always good to know, which leads to the next question I have to ask:

How do you guys get custom textures? Lets say you model a human face, do you simply get some face image from google, tweak it in photoshop and then use it? So far I have only used single colours and materials, since Unreal Engine's material editor is very powerfull, but I have also tried to draw my own textures. It doesn't end up bad, just not very good.

First I would have to learn about random generation, which would take a while. But maybe I'll turn this game into SCP later on.
Oh, thank you!

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