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What is the most efficient approach for training zBrush while learning the program AND exercise artist skills?
>>Sculpting with a reference that is not made by you?
>>Sculpting without reference at all, just with your senses?
>>Sculpting with a reference made by you (exercising concept art and drawing skills as well)?

Thank you.
you can buy famous artists tutorials to learn the professionals process and tips, sculpt with simple references like a human body to learn anatomy, then try to model your own concepts. Go ahead and spend a huge amount of time practicing.
Wait until the logins are open,
download a few tutorials form here and there,
from a mix of all of them make your project.
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if u know nothing, gnomon workshop has an introduction to zbrush course that I used and was able to learn the ins and outs of zbrush in 3 weeks.

Of course after that just practice sculpting with concept art or sculpting faces (a lot harder). I did a ton of figure drawing before learning zbrush though, so knowing about form and motion of organic humans, creatures, etc also is a big plus, just practice that on the side.

Everything will suck at first, but the payoff is really nice when u first make some cool ass shit on your own and look at it like "that's some cool ass shit."

You dont have to know everything about zbrush only what you want. When starting out you absolutely need reference. The best references are 3d scanned models of real people from places like 3d scan store. Put them on a second monitor or snapshot them to the canvas.
Thank you all. I'm following Uartsy and I have a second monitor for reference. I also have an Intuos and I'm trying to make navigation and UI a second nature to me.

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