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I'm willing to pay someone $45 to port this xna model of Guts to sfm.

Here's a link to the model:

There's a pretty straightforward tutorial here that only requires some free software (XNALara, Blender, GIMP, etc.):

I'd do it myself but I have a lot of other priorities at the moment.
I should probably clarify:

I want this model to work and be posable within sfm. Basically what the tutorial's end-result is.

And I'll use the name Guts Wanter on here to make things easier.
I'll do it if nobody else claims this by Monday.(I'm free during the week.)
Thanks dude. Would you mind giving me some kind of way to contact you? A dud gmail should be fine.

No need to discuss payment or anything until I've actually ported it.

Well, I just spent the last two hours doing nothing then.

Never thought i would see this here.

I don't remember how well i rigged him but i hope it works out for you.
Checking in, has anyone done this yet?

OP's task is so relatively simple (the rigging, if any needs to be done, is the only hard part) that someone else has to have already done it or be working on it; I wouldn't start on it til you hear about from OP via email unless you just want to learn how to do it yourself; there's a shit ton of free models in XNA, MMD, or the SFM file formats
The rigging is already done. The only thing that someone would have needed to do was setup the .qc file and rename the materials. A 20 min job. >>534504 I didn't get any confirmation yet so I assume it's been done judging by >>534514

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